Sending a message with a bouquet of fresh flowers has been a tradition since Ancient Greece. Yet it remains relevant today, especially for sending your congratulatory wishes to someone near or far. A bouquet with just the right blooms mixed in creates a clear message of support, well wishes, and hope for the future. If you need to congratulate someone on a recent success or achievement, there are over a dozen types of congratulations flowers to choose from to mix and match for just the right floral statement.

15 Best Types of Flowers to Gift for Congratulations Messages

Are Flowers an Appropriate Way to Say Congratulations?

Are Flowers an Appropriate Way to Say Congratulations?

When the right flowers are chosen, bouquets are almost always an appropriate way to congratulate someone. Just make sure you’re not confusing the meaning for something else like condolences, which would require a different set of flowers to send the right message.

When Should I Give Flowers to Say Congratulations?

There are lots of occasions that call for celebrating with a well-planned congratulatory bouquet. Some of the top events include:

  • The announcement of an impending delivery or the recent birth of a child, especially if the child or mother experienced challenges during the pregnancy.
  • Graduation from high school, college, trade school, graduate school, or other educational and training programs.
  • House warming, even if the recipient of the bouquet is only moving into a first apartment or temporary accommodations like dorms.
  • New job offers, workplace advancements, and other related achievements in the careers of friends and loved ones
  • Wedding anniversaries and other celebrations of long-term commitment, especially on milestone years.
  • Recovery from a serious illness or disease, or at least the celebration of a temporary improvement in condition.
  • Engagements, which typically require a different type of bouquet than those sent to the recently married.
  • Starting a new business or selling off one for a large profit, representing a new chapter in the business owner’s life.
  • Practically any other occasion that involves celebration and good spirits over a recent success.

The Best Types of Flowers to Congratulations

Which flowers make a great choice for congratulations messages? In the Victorian language of flowers, also known as floriography, the following blossoms symbolize meanings such as congratulations, admiration, joy, achievement, respect, hard work, love, passion, and success. Consider these flowers when giving a gift to a congratulate someone.

1) Roses


Roses are often associated solely with romantic symbolism, but this sells them short. The variety of colors available makes them far more versatile when it comes to sending a message. Orange, yellow, and white roses, in particular, are great for saying “Congratulations!” in a bouquet. They’re mostly recommended for new jobs and other career successes. However, some people prefer to use yellow roses as general congratulatory flowers for baby showers, housewarming bouquets, and more. 

Orange roses tend to send a message of supportive friendship, so they’re better for congratulations sent to acquaintances and work colleagues rather than family members. White roses are suitable for celebrating engagements and recent weddings alike.

2) Daffodils


The cheerful yellow color of the Daffodil isn’t the only reason it’s a flower commonly used for congratulations. The Daffodil’s habit of rising up earlier than any other flowers each spring also lends it a symbolism of eagerness and hard work. It’s a good flower for including in bouquets sent to celebrate the birth of a new baby or the start of a new career. 

Some people also prefer them as graduation bouquets because they symbolize the student’s hard work and eagerness to move on to something new.

3) Peonies


Peonies are a general symbol of good luck, good fortune, and success, so it’s not surprising they’re often sent as a congratulations flower. The many-layered petals send a message of wealth and prosperity, making it an ideal choice for arrangements celebrating a big win, a new job, or a significant life change. 

White peonies are commonly used for wedding arrangements, so they’re also a good fit for anniversary celebrations as well. The pink Peony may seem romantic, but it’s actually a sign of good luck instead. Try a mix of Peonies for a congratulatory bouquet that bursts with color.

4) Daisies


Tied to children and innocence thanks to their cheerful appearance, Daisies of all colors are used to congratulate someone on a pregnancy or new birth. They’re also suitable for well wishes in general, especially when someone is going through a challenging time and trying to make changes or new beginnings. 

Sending a bouquet of mixed color Daisies, especially the bold Gerbera type, can cheer up someone who needs a little boost after making a difficult decision. As a symbol of happiness and good health, they’re perfect for anyone celebrating recovery of any kind as well.

5) Carnations


While many people only think of these flowers when it’s time for a corsage, Carnations actually have a lot of meaning behind them. They symbolize pride and love for someone in a supportive way. This makes them a natural choice for congratulatory bouquets, especially in colors like yellow, orange, white, and green. 

Available in a wider variety of colors than most blooms due to their ease of dyeing, Carnations are great for tailoring a bouquet to the recipient’s favorite colors without changing the overall meaning of the arrangement.

6) Orchids


Delicate and ephemeral, Orchids offer some of the most unique-looking blooms for crafting arrangements that really make a statement. Each species of Orchid is dramatically different from the last, but the types most popularly used in arrangements tend to carry a meaning of pride and congratulations

Purple Orchids, in particular, convey a sense of satisfaction and royalty that is ideal for celebrating someone’s graduation or new career. White Orchids are a good choice for celebrating someone’s engagement or anniversary, thanks to their elegant appearance.

7) Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are often used for condolences and expressing gratitude, but they can also be sent for a more somber message of congratulations. When someone has struggled or gone through something challenging, the dignified message of faith and purity sent by this kind of lily is often perfect for expressing the right sentiment. 

Most Calla Lilies are white or cream, with some offering dark pink centers that set a more encouraging tone for the bouquet. They can be mixed with other lilies for a more general sense of congratulations or kept solo for a unique arrangement.

8) Irises


This flower is so strongly associated with celebration and congratulatory symbolism that there’s even a purple variety named ‘Congratulations’. Deep purple and bright orange Irises paired together send a strong message of support and admiration for any achievement while mixing in pink sets a more personal tone. 

These larger blooms can also hold their own in mixed bouquets for congratulatory messages, even with bold blooms like Peonies and Roses. This is one of the easiest flowers to grow at home for cutting since it regrows each year from rhizomes you can plant in the fall.

9) Hydrangeas


Celebrating the recent announcement of a friend’s new baby or upcoming birth? Hydrangeas are a great choice because of their bubbly, playful appearance. These flowers are also easily customized to the gender of the baby since they’re naturally available in both pink and blue varieties. For a more gender-neutral baby shower bouquet, try cream Hydrangeas mixed with a few other flowers in brighter colors for fun. 

Large masses of Hydrangea blossoms send a message of support and excitement thanks to their sturdy cloud-like appearance. They can last for months as well after drying out naturally, making them a long-lasting gift for a celebration.

10) Chrysanthemums


Used around the globe to symbolize joy and vitality, Chrysanthemums are particularly lucky in red and bright orange colors. They’re used as memorial flowers in multiple cultures, but they also convey friendship and good wishes, particularly in the Victorian flower language. 

In China, it’s used during the Lunar New Year to symbolize good health and longevity. If you’re celebrating a golden anniversary or the milestone achievement of a loved one, this is an excellent flower for recognizing their hard work and zeal.

11) Heather


A flower of admiration and support from England and Scotland, Heather has centuries of history behind it as a symbolic flower. It grows wild across the heaths and moors of both countries, but it can be purchased commercially in other countries as well for flower arrangements. 

Queen Victoria popularized its use during the Victorian era as a good luck charm because of her habit of wearing a sprig of it. It’s still used today in Great Britain to send a message of congratulations or support to someone after graduating, getting a promotion, or moving into a new house.

12) Gladiolus


Gladiolus stands tall in distinctive and brightly colored spikes above its foliage, making a bold statement in any arrangement. It’s often used as a flower to indicate infatuation if you choose red, but using orange, yellow, or purple blooms will send a message of congratulations and friendship instead. 

Gladiolus, in general, symbolizes strength and dedication due to its upright growth habit. It indicates the faith to withstand challenges and grow despite challenging conditions. As the official flower of August, it’s also a natural choice for celebrating any big successes, births, or anniversaries that occur during that month.

13) Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer Lilies are an alternative to Calla Lilies that send a more playful, prideful message. Pink Stargazer Lilies, in particular, symbolize wealth, prosperity, and success. Send them as part of mixed bouquets with blooms of other colors to distinguish your message from one of romantic intent. 

Orange lilies are a good choice as well to congratulate someone on their confidence or drive. These are a common show-stopping choice for new graduates and those who are reaching the heights of their careers after years of hard work.

14) Sunflowers


It’s not surprising that Sunflowers are considered to send a strong positive message of success and happiness. One look at their large flowers and colorful yellow to orange petals is all it takes to grasp the sunny symbolism. 

Smaller Sunflowers tend to be easier to work into arrangements and are still large enough to compete with other showy blooms. Like Irises, these flowers are easily grown at home for making celebratory bouquets, but they’re grown from seed as annuals anew each year instead. 

White sunflowers send a more refined celebration message, while dark red varieties have an intensity that helps recognize hard work.

15) Larkspurs


Similar to Gladiolus but with their own charms, Larkspurs mostly have a romantic message. Yet they’re great for congratulating someone on an engagement, anniversary, wedding, or another recent romantic announcement. 

Mix them with other flowers with a more congratulatory theme to make it clear you’re sending your regards. White and purple blooms of Larkspur are a better choice than pink or red for this purpose.

Can I Send Congratulations Flowers to Men and Women?

Many people still feel that receiving flowers is someone inherently feminine, but congratulations arrangements are definitely appropriate for all genders. Among most cultures where flowers are exchanged as gifts, men receive flower arrangements just as much or at least nearly as much as women. Of course, it’s best to consider the culture and preferences of the specific recipient of the gift before choosing a bouquet as the right way to send a message.

Are Plants a Good Option to Say Congratulations?

Live plants in pots are an excellent alternative to cut flower arrangements for saying congratulations. Small Gardenia shrubs forced to bloom are a cute way to celebrate someone’s recent baby shower or engagement, but they’re not always suitable for every message. 

Braided Money Trees and Lucky Bamboo are also popular gifts for celebratory symbolism, especially if the success was financial in nature.

Whether you can’t be there on the day or looking to send flowers directly to congratulate a friend or loved one, these popular online flower delivery specialists curate a wide variety of congratulatory flower arrangements throughout the year: 

UrbanStems ($$)

UrbanStems Congratulations Flower Delivery
Credit: UrbanStems

Designed to make gifting as painful as possible, UrbanStems focuses on lush bouquets with fine botanical details. They offer houseplants and dried flower delivery as well for flexible gifting. Congratulation collections include the Rose-based Starstruck, the unusual architectural Sanibel, and living Orchid options. 

Prices range from around $50 to $100 depending on size, and delivery is available nationwide.

From You Flowers ($) 

From You Flowers Gift Delivery for Congratulations Messages
Credit: From You Flowers

Looking for last-minute gifting with same-day or next-day shipping across the US? Choose From You Flowers. With arrangements starting as low as $30 and running as high as $70, they’re one of the more affordable options. They tend to run towards the basic colorful arrangements rather than trendy ones, but they’re a reliable choice for a quick message of congratulations.

The Bouqs ($) 

The Bouqs Farm Fresh Flowers for Congratulations Gifts
Credit: The Bouqs

Offering subscription services for repeating deliveries and one-time gift shipments, The Bouqs focuses on farm-raised flowers and high-end arrangements. Prices run between $60 and $120 before shipping, including for eye-catching all-foliage arrangements like the Leilani. It’s easy to say congratulations with Sunflowers bursting forth from Queen Bee or packed bundles of colorful roses like the Exuberance. Nationwide delivery is available year-round. 

Ode à la Rose ($$$) 

Ode a la Rose Congratulations Flowers
Credit: Ode à la Rose

As the name suggests, Ode à la Rose is the place to turn for the highest-quality roses. Their prices reflect the quality of these arrangements as well. Most bouquets start around $75 and rising above $200 in some cases. Yet for your money, you can get amazing bundles of fresh, colorful roses in touching arrangements like the glowing orange Soleil and bold Grand Brigitte. Same-day delivery services around available throughout New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, and Los Angeles, and next-day delivery options nationwide. 

Teleflora ($$) 

Teleflora Same Day Flower Delivery for Congratulations Messages
Credit: Teleflora

With a history of flower delivery dating back to the 1930s, Teleflora is a household name to some. They offer a wide variety of congratulations arrangements in traditional styles, such as the Arrive in Style with Roses and Lilies side-by-side. Many bouquets feature novelty mugs or other alternatives to vases that add a fun gift for the recipient after the flowers are gone. Their prices are affordable, ranging from $30 to $50 for most options, and same-day delivery is available nationwide. 

Flowerbx ($$$) 

FLOWERBX Luxury Congratulations Flower Delivery
Credit: Flowerbx

Offering free delivery only to the East and West Coast, UK, and Europe, Flowerbx is a luxury floral delivery company. They offer subscriptions, but their primary focus is single-flower arrangements in fresh colors. Memory Lane Roses or Atomic Tangerine Daisies will blow your gift recipient away with beauty. But, consider these a premium option with prices between $80 and $200 per arrangement.

Floom ($$$) 

Floom Congratulations Flower Delivery
Credit: Floom

Focused on same-day flower delivery, Floom serves some parts of the US and the UK. It partners with independent, artisan florists and floral designers to show you great congratulations bouquets from shops near you. Prices vary, along with shipping options, depending on what’s available in your local area but typically expect to pay from $75. 

ProFlowers ($$) 

Proflowers Congratulations Same Day Flower Delivery
Credit: ProFlowers

One of the first online flower delivery companies, ProFlowers continues to supply thousands of congratulations bouquets per year to the entire country. Their congratulations collections include potted Calla Lilies, Rainbow Roses, and more. Prices range from $35 to $125, depending on the complexity of the arrangement and same-day flower delivery is available nationwide. 

Wrap Up

Sending a quick bouquet of just the right blooms could make someone’s day. Recognize the achievements of your friends and loved ones by putting together an arrangement with some of the congratulations flowers listed above for a clear message of support.

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