Where to Buy Quality Bonsai Trees in the USA

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of bonsai or looking for your next specimen tree, in this guide, you’ll find 12 leading specialist bonsai nurseries delivering bonsai trees throughout the United States. Each we’d consider experts in their field curating a wide variety of bonsai trees for sale for every experience level and budget consideration.

Where to Find the Best Bonsai Trees for Sale in the USA

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The Art of Bonsai

Nothing brings peaceful serenity quite like the Art of Bonsai. Having previously been reserved solely for the upper echelons of Japanese society, this ancient tradition of nurturing miniature tree specimens is now a long-standing global pastime enjoyed by many. Bonsai trees are not only known for their ability to draw inner peace, but they also help to purify the air and create a calming environment. Today, led by a collection of passionate Bonsai Masters, the US has several world-class Bonsai nurseries growing a broad range of indoor, outdoor, temperate, and sub-tropical Bonsai tree varieties. Read on!

Where to Find the Best Bonsai Trees For Sale:

1. From You Flowers$Nationwidefromyouflowers.com
2. Etsy$$Nationwideetsy.com
3. Eastern Leaf $$$Nationwide easternleaf.com
4. Dandy Farmer $$$Nationwide dandyfarmer.com
5. Bonsai Outlet $$Nationwide bonsaioutlet.com
6. Brussel’s Bonsai $$Nationwide brusselsbonsai.com
7. 1-800-Flowers $$Nationwide 1800flowers.com
8. Home Depot $Nationwide homedepot.com
9. Bonsai of Brooklyn $$Nationwide bonsaiofbrooklyn.com
10. FTD $Nationwide ftd.com
11. House of Bonsai $$Nationwide houseofbonsai.com
12. Amazon $$Nationwide amazon.com

12 Best Options for Bonsai Tree Delivery in the USA:

1) From You Flowers ($)

Affordable bonsai trees and speedy delivery options nationwide. Perfect for gifting as well as those new to the world of bonsai.

About From You Flowers:

From You Flowers are a leading flower and plant delivery specialist offering some of the most affordable prices and fastest delivery options around.

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

Here you’ll find an excellent year-round selection of some of the most popular bonsai trees. Expect everything from Japanese Juniper, Ponytail Palm, Jade Succulents, Flowering Pink Azaleas, Chinese Elms, Fukien Tea Bonsai Trees, and Ginseng Ficus, to name but a few.

Each bonsai tree arrives potted in a stylish vessel with the appropriate soil mix so is read-to-go on delivery. Prices start from just $40, with larger, more mature trees going up to around $120.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options:

Same-day or specified-day bonsai tree delivery is available throughout the United States, 7-days a week. 


  • Telephone: 800-838-8853

2) Etsy ($$)

The home of artisan and independent bonsai merchants delivering throughout the United States.

Etsy Where to Buy Bonsai Trees
Credit: Etsy

About Etsy:

Etsy is home to numerous small-scale Bonsai growers and independent Bonsai experts curating a beautiful collection of Bonsai Trees for delivery throughout the US. 

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

Etsy’s Bonsai Tree collection typically features a diverse and eclectic array of trees for sale. 

Here you’ll find classic Ficus Ginseng Trees starting from just $20 and in addition to rarer, more mature trees such as Japanese Ligustrum Bonsai (from $130) and Budda Belly Bamboo Trees (from $149). 

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Etsy merchants provide Nationwide shipping throughout the US. 

3) Eastern Leaf ($$$)

Leading Californian bonsai nursery delivering across the USA.

Eastern Leaf Bonsai Trees For Sale
Credit: Eastern Leaf

About Eastern Leaf:

Eastern Leaf is led by founder and lead artist Jason Chan – a highly respected contributor to the bonsai community in California and across the US. Eastern Leaf started out from humble beginnings selling bonsai trees and plants at weekly farmer’s markets in San Diego back in 2004. Since then, the business has steadily grown to where it is today. What’s more, these are regarded by many as one of the most trusted sources to buy bonsai trees online in the entire country.   

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

The studio is well regarded for its extensive variety of bonsai species available to order. From traditional trees such as Chinese Elms and Grand Taiwan Ficus to Apple Blossom and Flowering Quince, there’s a world of choice for those looking for both indoor or outdoor bonsai trees.

Expect to pay from $29 for smaller shrubs up to $300 for mature, rare varieties. In addition, Eastern Leaf carries a whole world of pots, soil, fertilizers, tools, and supplies to keep your bonsai tree in tip-top shape. 

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Eastern Leaf offers multiple shipping methods as well as flat rate ground and express rates. Enter your zip code during checkout to calculate shipping rates. All of Eastern Leaf’s Shipping Rates are calculated per weight and shown on the shopping cart.


4) The Bonsai Studio by Dandy Farmer ($$$)

Specialist Brooklyn bonsai studio curates a wide selection of trees suitable for urban living environments.

The Dandy Farmer Bonsai Studio Bonsai Trees For Sale
Credit: The Bonsai Studio by Dandy Farmer

About the Bonsai Studio by Dandy Farmer: 

Dandy Farmer is a studio based out of Brooklyn, NY, specializing in a broad range of indoor and outdoor bonsai. The idea for the bonsai studio was born out of a desire to connect with nature in the midst of an urban jungle. Trees are always a great medium and provide an intimate connection to the natural world. The art of bonsai continues this further through the attention and practices required to nurture and maintain a thriving little tree.

You’ll find this care shining through in Dandy Farmer’s collection. There’s an expertly considered array of bonsai tree varieties, each potted in handmade containers utilizing their house soil blends that are tailored to each tree.

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

Bonsai trees typically range from $50 to $150 and include Fig trees, Pine, Willow, Japenese Elm, and Dwarf Jade, to name a few.

Mature bonsai trees are usually $100+ and include several specimens such as Mugo Pine, Hinoki Cypress, and Dwarf Alberta Spruce. The studio also carries a broad selection of tools and accessories to help you on your bonsai journey.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Dandy Farmer provides bonsai tree delivery across New York City and domestic shipping across the entire US. Expect delivery in 1 to 2 days.


  • Telephone: (646) 481-4423
  • Email: hello@dandyfarmer.com
  • Social:  Facebook // Instagram

5) Bonsai Outlet ($$)

Home to a vast selection of bonsai trees suitable for all experience levels.

The Bonsai Outlet Bonsai Trees For Sale
Credit: The Bonsai Outlet

About the Bonsai Outlet: 

Bonsai Outlet launched back in 2001 and is the creation of Ashley Carrier. Like many bonsai enthusiasts, Ashley’s journey initially began with having received a tree as a gift. Subsequently, after stepping into the bonsai world, there was an immediate realization that the market needed a place for quality and affordable bonsai specimens and related products. A whole lot of work in between, and then the Bonsai Outlet was born. Today, you’ll find a great collection of bonsai trees for sale for every experience level. 

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

The Bonsai Outlet is an excellent option for those starting out on their bonsai journey for the first time. Here you’ll find a hand-picked collection of trees starting at under $50 that are perfect to practice your skills on. Also, there’s a range of DIY and Gift Sets that include all the essential tools and accessories to get going.

For the more intrepid bonsai enthusiast, there’s a range of mature and rare specimens suitable for both indoors and outdoors. What’s more, there are some of our favorite flowering bonsai and fruit trees in these collections. These require a little more skill and attention but make genuinely amazing spectacles.

Finally, if you’re after a living work of art, there’s the specimen bonsai tree collection. Importantly, these one-of-a-kind trees have been hand-raised for over 20 years in some cases and make impeccable ornamental centerpieces. By the way, expect to pay upwards of $300 for one of these magnificent trees.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Bonsai Outlet ships via FedEx typically on Mondays & Tuesdays to avoid having them stay in the boxes for any extra time over the weekends.

Contact the Bonsai Outlet:

6) Brussel’s Bonsai ($$)

A leading, dedicated bonsai nursery home to one of the most comprehensive collections of bonsai trees for sale in the United States.

Brussel's Bonsai Trees For Sale
Credit: Brussel’s Bonsai

About Brussel’s Bonsai:

Founder Brussel’s love of the art of bonsai started back in his teens, growing and nurturing a range of specimens in the backyard of his family home. What’s more, Brussel was tutored under revered Bonsai Masters John Nake and Ben Oki, who helped hone his Bonsai techniques. From a small-scale operation selling bonsai to friends and neighbors, a fledgling business subsequently grew.

Today, the business operates a 200,000 sq. foot, climate-controlled greenhouse (the largest nursery of its kind in the US) to house a spectacular collection of bonsai trees. These are grown in-house and sourced from a network of the best nurseries across Asia. This is also a great place to buy a bonsai tree if you’re after very specific varieties. 

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

Brussel’s Bonsai carry one of America’s most comprehensive collections of bonsai trees. Expect a broad selection of trees starting at $34 (including Hawaiin Umbrella, Flowering Trees, Bamboo, Jade, as well as many other easy-care options).

Likewise, bonsai trees intended to be raised in the garden or patio start at $33 (including Gardenia, Juniper, Maple, Azalea, and Flowering Trees).

There’s also an impeccable selection of Specimen Trees starting at around $200 (including Ficus, Pine, Maple, and numerous other varieties). In addition, there’s a complete collection of tools, accessories, and other essential bonsai equipment. 

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Brussel’s Bonsai ships via FedEx to the 48 contiguous U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Moreover, orders received by 2:00 pm (CST) Monday – Friday will ship the same day.

Contact Brussel’s Bonsai: 

  • Telephone: 1-800-582-2593
  • Email: service@brusselsbonsai.com
  • Social: Facebook // Instagram  

7) 1-800 Flowers ($$)

Affordable bonsai trees are perfect for beginners and gifting occasions.

Credit: 1-800-Flowers

About 1800 Flowers: 

In short, 1800 Flowers have been in operation for over 40 years and offer one of the most extensive floral collections online in the whole country. You’ll also find a charming selection of bonsai trees available for under $100 per tree. Above all, an excellent option for buying a bonsai tree if you’re just starting out. In our in-depth 1-800 Flowers review, we felt they were a very dependable option for gifting and the home.

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

1800 Flowers carry a range of popular bonsai varieties in various sizes. For instance, these include Gardenia, Juniper, Azalea, Hawaiin Umbrella, Dwarf Jade, Ginseng Grafted Ficus, and Money Tree Grove.

Expect to pay around $40 accordingly for smaller, younger trees up to $100 for 6-year-old specimens. 

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

1800 Flowers offer standard and expedited shipping across the US. 

8) Home Depot ($)

One of the cheapest options for nursery fresh bonsai tree delivery.

Home Depot Bonsai Trees For Sale
Credit: Home Depot

About Home Depot Bonsai Trees: 

Home Depot might not be the first place you’d think to buy a bonsai tree. However, here you’ll find one of the cheapest and most affordable bonsai tree collections available to buy online.

Moreover, this is another excellent option for those just starting out in the bonsai world. Perfect for those looking to practice some basic skills before moving up to something more extravagant.

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

Home Depot divides its collection between flowering and non-flowering trees and those that require modest light and more open surroundings. Home Depot sources most of its trees from some of our favorite nurseries (including Brussel’s Bonsai), so you’ll have access to a range of well-regarded growers.

What’s more, prices start as low as $20 for small Ficus Bonsai, and there are many additional options under $50 (including Rosemary, Money Tree, Juniper, Dwarf Pyracantha, and Fringe Flower).

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Home Depot offers standard and expedited shipping across the US.

Contact Home Depot: 

  • Telephone: 1-800-466-3337
  • Social: Facebook

9) Bonsai of Brooklyn ($$)

One of the most experienced bonsai tree delivery services in the country.

Credit: Bonsai of Brooklyn

About Bonsai of Brooklyn: 

Founded in 1976, Bonsai of Brooklyn is the creation of Paul Graviano. Paul’s one of the most experienced bonsai retailers in America. He’s also worked with some legendary Bonsai Masters, including the likes of Frank Okamura at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. In addition, today’s business carries an epic collection of trees at any given time.

What’s more, this is a highly knowledgeable team that is always on hand to guide bonsai novices on the most suitable trees to pick based on their location. A great resource when you’re looking to buy a bonsai tree. 

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

Bonsai of Brooklyn divide their collection into Sub-Tropical (those requiring warm climates year-round) and Temperate (those requiring cold winters) specimens.

For example, expect to pay $40 for Sub-Tropical varieties (including likes of African Boxwood, Bald Cypress, Black Olive, Brazilian Rain Tree, Brush Cherry, Elephant Bush, Tiger Bark Ficus, and White Serissa).

Likewise, Temperate trees start at around $30 (including Chinese Elm, Hinoki Cypress, Japanese Juniper, Korean Boxwood, Lodgepole Pine, Norway Spruce, Red Cedar, and White Cedar).

The shop also carries an extensive collection of tools, soil, tutorial DVDs, and other bonsai accessories.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Bonsai tree deliveries typically arrive the next day via FedEx. Most orders received by 1:00 pm EST Monday through Friday are shipped the same day. Orders containing trees are usually held until the following Monday if shipping will entail a weekend layover (which the trees don’t enjoy).

Contact Bonsai of Brooklyn: 

10) FTD ($)

Affordable bonsai trees are delivered the same day throughout the US.

Credit: FTD

About FTD: 

FTD has been a mainstay in the online flower delivery world for years. They’ve also now dipped their toes into the bonsai kingdom with a creative collection of affordable trees. What’s more, these trees make a perfect alternative gift to the classic flower bouquet. Also great for those taking their first steps in the Art of Bonsai. 

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

FTD carries a small, select collection of bonsai trees ranging in price from $40 to $60. For example, varieties typically include Juniper, Azalea, Gardenia, Braided Money Tree, Hawaiin Umbrella, and Ginseng.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

Home Depot offers standard and expedited shipping across the US.

Contact FTD: 

11) House of Bonsai ($$)

Famed Los Angeles-based bonsai merchant importing a diverse collection of bonsai trees from across Asia.

House of Bonsai Trees For Sale
Credit: House of Bonsai

About House of Bonsai: 

House of Bonsai famously had some of their collection featured in the Hollywood classic ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. Today, their 5.3-acre nursery in Lakewood, CA, provides a broad and extensive collection of bonsai trees for sale.

In addition, they are one of the largest importers of bonsai supplies to the US from Asia. What’s more, they run several Bonsai classes and special events throughout the year. A great option when you’re looking to buy a new bonsai tree for novices and experienced bonsai practitioners alike.

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

House of Bonsai carries an extensive collection of bonsai trees. Moreover, you’ll find indoor, outdoor, specimen, evergreen, deciduous, and flowering & fruiting varieties.

Prices also range across a broad spectrum depending on what you’re looking for. For instance, a Little Lucy Ficus indoor Bonsai tree starts at around $22. There are also several epic specimen varieties that typically start at $200+, including Japanese Black Pine, Chinese Quince, and Flowering Crap Apple.

The shop also carries an extensive collection of bonsai-suitable pots, soil, tools, accessories, and many other Bonsai items.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options Across America:

House of Bonsai offers standard and expedited shipping across the US.

Contact House of Bonsai: 

  • Telephone: (562) 804 – 6888
  • Email: houseofbonsai@gmail.com

12) Amazon ($$)

A vast collection of live and faux bonsai trees for sale with expedited delivery options nationwide.

Bonsai Trees for Sale at Amazon
Credit: Amazon

About Amazon:

At Amazon, you’ll find numerous independent, specialist nurseries selling bonsai trees across their platform. Expect a wide selection of live and faux trees to pick from at varying stages of maturity and price points.

Bonsai Trees for Sale – The Range:

Here, you’ll find everything from ficus bonsai trees, Japanese juniper trees, cedar trees, ficus ginseng, Fukien tea trees, Dwarf jade plants, and Satsuki Azalea trees, to name but a few.

Younger bonsai typically start from around $20 to $30, with countless options for mature, specimen bonsai trees reaching $500 or more.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Options:

Amazon offers a range of standard and expedited bonsai tree delivery options nationwide.

Bonsai Tree Delivery Buying Guide:

How much does a bonsai tree cost?

Expect younger bonsai trees to start from around $30, typically with larger, more mature, and rarer specimen bonsai going up to $1000 or more.

How much is bonsai tree delivery in the US?

Bonsai tree delivery fees typically range from $10 to $30, dependent on the size of the tree and your exact location.

How are bonsai trees delivered?

Bonsai merchants utilize use specialist protective packaging to ensure trees are not damaged in transit. In addition, most bonsai trees ship on Monday or Tuesday each week to avoid any weekend layovers.

Are bonsai trees ordered online covered by any guarantee?

Yes, the vast majority of merchants will include, at a minimum, a 30-day guarantee on all bonsai trees sold online. In the unlikely event your bonsai tree arrives slightly damaged, we’ve found most merchants will dispatch a replacement almost immediately without issue.

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