11 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Money Tree Plants

It’s a given that Money tree plants (Pachira aquatica) are pretty much guaranteed to bring you fame and fortune once you add one to your plant collection, but did you know they also offer a host of other benefits? Aside from their beautiful foliage, money tree plants have some impressive uses spanning their ornamental value, feng shui powers, and remarkable ability to help purify the air. Join me as I explore some of money tree plants’ amazing uses and benefits.

Amazing Uses and Benefits of Money Tree Plants

11 Uses and Benefits of Money Tree Plants:

1) Money Tree Plants Are Beautiful Indoor Trees

Money tree plants are some of the most beautiful tropical houseplants you can add to your home. These indoor trees have glossy, palm-like leaves made up of several leaflets. Money tree plants also have smooth, attractive bark.

When browsing for money tree plants, you may see some with twisted or braided trunks. These specimens are usually made up of two individual plants that have been intentionally shaped to create a unique look.

2) Money Tree Plants Can Help Purify the Air

Like many houseplants, money trees could help purify the air around us. In the 1980s, NASA’s Clean Air Study discovered that houseplants can remove harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air.

Common household items like cleaning products, paint, adhesives, and vinyl floors produce VOCs. Several studies have linked VOCs to an increased risk of cancer. Money tree plants are particularly good at removing benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. 

3) Money Tree Plants Have Feng Shui Benefits

Vibrant green leaves of a money tree plant

In feng shui, houseplants like money tree plants are associated with the Wood element. This element is linked to growth, creativity, and prosperity and is strongest in our homes’ eastern and southeastern parts. 

According to the Bagua map, these areas govern family and success—position money tree plants in these areas to boost these aspects of your life. Money tree plants also fill empty spaces, reducing the presence of negative energy.

4) Money Tree Plants Could Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress

We all experience stress and anxiety in some way. However, money tree plants could help us reduce these feelings. A study compared the stress levels of 24 young men when working at a computer or repotting a houseplant. 

The data showed that the participants who repotted the houseplant felt less stressed than those working on the computer. They also reported feeling more comfortable and had lower blood pressure.

5) Money Tree Plants May Improve Sleep Quality

A money tree plant with a thick, curling trunk

According to some research, houseplants like money tree plants could help us sleep better. One study monitored the sleep patterns of astronauts in long-term isolation. The results indicated that the participant slept more soundly with plants nearby.

The most positive effects came when the participants could see, smell, or touch nearby plants. When plants were present, the participants also had lower cortisol levels and improved regulation of their central nervous systems.

6) Money Tree Plants Could Help Boost Your Productivity

Having houseplants nearby while we work may help boost our productivity and focus. Some studies indicate that workers can be up to 15% more productive with houseplants nearby. 

Indoor plants like Pachira aquatica plants can also help us feel less stressed and more engaged when working from home. As such, money tree plants are considered to be one of the best feng shui plants for your office desk.

7) Money Tree Plants Are Pet Friendly

Although houseplants are wonderful additions to our homes, some plants are toxic to our beloved pets. Thankfully, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) considers money tree plants to be non-toxic. 

However, cats and dogs can still experience mild diarrhea or vomiting if they ingest part of a money tree plant. As such, keeping your money tree plant away from your pet is a good idea.

8) Money Tree Plants Can Grow Quickly

Money tree plants are fast-growing plants that can produce a few feet of new growth each year. Money tree plants need a warm, humid environment and lots of bright, indirect light to achieve this. In their native range, money tree plants can grow up to 60 feet tall. However, these indoor trees are easy to keep as houseplants at 3 or 4 feet high.

9) Money Trees Can Be Grown Outdoors

A lush, vibrant green money tree plant

While money tree plants make excellent houseplants, they can also be grown outdoors in certain climates. These tropical trees can grow outside in USDA Zones 10 to 12. Money tree plants need warm, humid conditions and cannot tolerate frost. 

In colder areas, grow money tree plants in pots and bring them indoors in winter. Money tree plants won’t tolerate nighttime temperatures that drop below 45ºF.

10) Money Tree Plants Could Help Alleviate Allergies

We already know that money tree plants can help purify the air by removing harmful VOCs. However, this has the added effect of potentially alleviating common allergies like asthma or hay fever. Some of these respiratory conditions can be triggered by the strong odors given off by products containing VOCs.

Money tree plants are unlikely to flower indoors. As such, they won’t produce any pollen that could trigger hay fever symptoms.

11) Money Tree Plants Help Increase Household Humidity

Pachira aquatica plants need warm temperatures and moderate humidity levels of approximately 50%. These conditions can also benefit our health, as the ideal household humidity for humans is between 30 and 50%.

As such, money tree plants can help increase the ambient humidity in our homes. If we don’t maintain correct humidity levels, we can experience issues like asthma or eczema. Use a humidifier or pebble tray to increase household humidity.

Money Tree Uses and Benefits FAQs:

What Are Money Tree Plants Good For?

Money tree plants are great for feng shui and can boost prosperity and wealth. Pachira aquatica plants may also help purify the air in our homes and even reduce stress and anxiety.

Where Do You Put a Money Tree?

Position money tree plants in your home’s eastern or southeastern parts to maximize their feng shui impact. Money tree plants need to be placed somewhere with plenty of bright, indirect light.

What Are Some Facts About Money Trees?

Wild Pachira aquatica plants produce the largest flowers of any tree in the world. These attractive trees also have several names throughout their native range. In Brazil and Guatemala, they are known as monguba or pumpo trees, respectively.

Why Are Money Plants So Popular?

Money tree plants are popular due to their glossy, palm-like leaves. These houseplants are also popular for their feng shui benefits and their ability to help purify the air.

Are Money Trees Good For the Air?

Money tree plants have air-purifying properties and can help remove harmful VOCs from the air. These plants are particularly good at removing benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene.

Money Tree Plant Uses and Benefits – Wrapping Up

Money tree plants are gorgeous indoor trees that can also be valuable additions to your home. Pachira aquatica plants can help purify the air and alleviate allergies. Having a money tree plant on your desk could boost your productivity and focus while also reducing stress and anxiety. Money tree plants are also non-toxic to pets.

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