10 Best Feng Shui Plants for Your Office Desk

Whether you have a home office, a desk at a co-working space, a desk in a cubicle, or a corner office, decorating and arranging your desk not only for utility in your work but also to foster the free, productive flow of positive energy is essential. Use feng shui principles and an indoor plant or two to attract just the right kind of energy into your daily purpose. Here, we’ll take you through 10 of the best feng shui plants to consider for your office desk. 

10 Best Feng Shui Plants for Your Office Desk

What Are The Best Plants for an Office Desk in Feng Shui?

The best plants for office desks in feng shui are those that draw positive energy and good fortune to the wealth and relationship corners of the desk. Display a jade plant, lucky bamboo, or a money tree in the wealth corner. Choose cut flowers or flowering plants for a desk’s relationship corner.

About the Office Desk in Feng Shui

An office filled with lush plants

In feng shui, a desk symbolizes your reason for being or purpose in life. The desk symbolizes your career if you have a profession or business. If you’re retired or not currently working, then it symbolizes other pursuits in life.

So, keeping your desk organized and its design balanced will encourage the right energies to flow into your life and support your most important goals.

Decorating Your Desk for Different Energies

Any of the five elements can be incorporated into your desk’s design, construction, and decor to encourage different energies to come into your life.

  • Earth Element: stability and grounding energies (wood materials and neutral colors or earth tones)
  • Metal Element: clarity and efficiency (metal materials and colors in metallics, white, and gray)
  • Water Element: flow and networking (metal materials and black)
  • Wood Element: activity and growth (wooden materials and greens and blues)
  • Fire Element: fame and inspiration (painted wood and reds, oranges, yellows, and pink tones)

Feng Shui Desk Placement

For good feng shui, the desk should be in the commanding position of the room. This means you should be slightly to the right or left of and facing the door or the room’s entry when sitting at the desk. A windowless/doorless wall or another solid backing like a credenza should anchor you behind the desk.

If your desk must face a wall, place a mirror at your seated eye level so that you can still see the doorway when sitting at the desk.

Your desk also should never face a wall of windows because this can lead to positive energy escaping your workspace, causing you to become distracted. Instead, keep the windows to the right or left of your desk.

The Role of Office Desk Plants in Feng Shui

A desk with a laptop and potted ZZ plant

Positioned on an office desk, a plant can offer many benefits including purifying the air, neutralizing radiation from electronics, creating serenity, and generating a positive flow of energy in feng shui.

Plants are of the wood element, which means they encourage energies of growth, activity, and vitality. On an office desk, plants bring this type of energy to the section of the Bagua map where they are placed.

On an office desk, feng shui principles recommend placing plants in either the wealth corner or the relationship and marriage corner of the desk. Respectively, these are located in the far-left and far-right corner of your desk chair.

More specifically, green plants that symbolize prosperity, abundance, and good fortune draw the right energy into the wealth corner of your desk while flowering plants or arrangements of freshly cut flowers draw the right kind of energy into the marriage and relationship corner.

The Best Plants for Office Desks in Feng Shui

Here you’ll find 10 of the best plant types to consider placing on your office desk according to feng shui best practices. We’ve included essential tips and considerations on where to position and care instructions for each. 

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo plant

Although lucky bamboo isn’t actually bamboo (It’s a type of dracaena.), it doesn’t represent mischieve or dishonesty. Instead, it’s considered to be one of the most auspicious plants in feng shui.

Feng Shui Benefits:Wealth, prosperity, good fortune, open heart, happiness, humbleness, growth, and upward energy
Where to Position:Place in the wealth, relationship, or both corners of your desk.
Care Considerations:Change water frequently to prevent bacterial growth and keep your bamboo fresh. Lucky Bamboo can also be grown in a rich, well-draining soil mix.

2. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

A jade plant (Crassula ovata) is a type of succulent that is a favorite plant in feng shui decorating because it has beautiful, glossy, green leaf segments that are shaped almost like coins.

Feng Shui Benefits:Health, harmony, new beginnings, scholarly pursuits, wealth, prosperity, and good luck
Where to Position:Place in the wealth corner for prosperity and the relationship corner for harmony in your marriage.
Care Considerations:Water when the soil has dried completely and avoid cold drafts.

3. Freshly Cut Peonies

Freshly Cut pink Peonies

Peonies symbolize love, marriage, trust, and lasting relationships. In feng shui, they’re often used as a cure for romantic problems and relationship issues. They’re also beautiful in arrangements of freshly cut flowers.

Feng Shui Benefits:Relationship healing, love, and romance
Where to Position:Place a vase of freshly cut peonies in the far-right corner of your desk.
Care Considerations:Change water daily to prolong the life of your cut flowers and discard once the blooms begin to wilt.

4. Orchids

A selection of potted orchids in an office

Many types of orchids can be appropriately placed in both the wealth and relationship corner of a desk. In white, they foster harmony and peace. In violet and pink, they symbolize fertility and love.

Feng Shui Benefits:Peace, harmony, family, and fertility
Where to Position:Position in either the far right or far left corner of your desk.
Care Considerations:Prefers moderate humidity and a well-draining potting mix.

5. Peace Lily

Peace Lily plant sitting on a wooden table

Peace lilies are lovely to look at with their lush, green foliage and blossoms that resemble white flags of peace. They’re a good choice for an office desk in feng shui if yours has enough space to accommodate the plant’s size.

Feng Shui Benefits:Neutralizes negativity and attracts positive energy, harmony, peace, calm, and serenity
Where to Position:Place in the relationship corner of your desk to bring peace and harmony to relationships.
Care Considerations:Peace lilies can tolerate low light conditions, making them a good choice for darker office spaces.

6. Money Tree

Money Tree plant

A money tree is a perfect choice for adding a bit of green to your office desk and your bank account, according to feng shui principles. Their strong, upward-growing stems and soft ovate leaves will attract positive energy to the wealth corner.

Feng Shui Benefits:Prosperity, wealth, abundance, and good fortune
Where to Position:Place on the wealth corner of your desk.
Care Considerations:Money trees dislike hot or cold drafts, require evenly moist soil, and prefer filtered sunlight.

7. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plants

The Chinese money plant (aka Pilea peperomioides) has pretty, coin-shaped leaves that bring the perfect prosperity-drawing energy to your desk.

Feng Shui Benefits:Good fortune, abundance, wealth, and prosperity
Where to Position:Place on the wealth corner of your desk.
Care Considerations:Prefer filtered sunlight and light moisture. Allow the soil to dry before watering.

8. Blooming Jasmine

Blooming Jasmine plant

Blooming jasmine offers a sweet fragrance that grows stronger at night, making this plant perfect for relaxing you when you’re working late.

Feng Shui Benefits:Peacefulness and romance
Where to Position:Place in the far-right corner of your desk to draw positive energy into your romantic relationship.
Care Considerations:Prefers full sun and lightly moist soil.

9. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos plant

Golden pothos is one of the strongest plants for neutralizing negativity and attracting positive energy into a space. They have lovely trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves and are perfect for a desk.

Feng Shui Benefits:Attracts positive energy and eliminates negativity
Where to Position:Wealth or relationship corner of the desk
Care Considerations:Tolerates a variety of light and moisture levels. This plant is a good choice for black thumbs.

10. Boston Fern

Boston Fern sitting on an office desk with a computer

With softly bursting tendrils, the Boston fern has a lovely, calm silhouette that will bring tranquility to your workspace.

Feng Shui Benefits:Positive and welcoming energy
Where to Position:Place in either the wealth or relationship corner of your desk for an infusion of positivity and vitality.
Care Considerations:Prefers medium to low filtered light, evenly moist soil, and moderate humidity.

Types of Plants to Avoid Locating on an Office Desk

Cacti plants on a wooden table

Overly Large Plants

Any plant that obstructs your view or that’s larger than the space allowed in the wealth or relationships corner of your desk should not be placed on an office desk. Overly large plants can attract too much energy disrupting focus and can also hinder the free flow of energy around the desk’s commanding position.

Plants That Shoot Poison Arrows

Spiky, sharp, pointy, and/or rigid plants like cacti and some succulents are said to shoot poison arrows of negativity in feng shui. To promote positive energy flow, avoid using these plants altogether.

Unhealthy Plants

Dead, dying, bug-infested, or diseased plants drain positive energy and attract negativity. Discard unhealthy plants right away and only choose plants that will thrive in the light and humidity conditions found around your desk.

Improve Focus, Breathe Easily, and Prosper

Indoor plants have a lot to offer when it comes to improving the feng shui of your office desk. In addition to attracting positive energies, plants will purify the air, reduce stress, and improve your focus to help you prosper

Office Desk Feng Shui FAQs

What Positive Energies Can Plants Bring to Office Desks?

In feng shui, plants can draw a variety of positive energies to an office desk including prosperity, good fortune, wealth, abundance, harmony, calm, happiness, peace, creativity, growth, and vitality.

Can I Have Multiple Plant Types on an Office Desk in Feng Shui?

It’s important to avoid clutter, but you can have more than one plant on your office desk. Try placing a plant that attracts wealth and prosperity in the wealth corner (back left) of your desk and a flowering plant that fosters good relationships in the love and relationships area (back right) of your desk.

What Are the Worst Feng Shui Plants for an Office Desk?

The worst feng shui plants for an office desk include any plant that takes up too much space, hindering the free flow of energy around the desk’s surface. Additionally, cacti, sharp or spiky succulents, and unhealthy plants can draw negative energy to your workspace.

What Are the Best Plants for Attracting Good Fortune to My Office Desk?

The best plants for activating the wealth area of your desk to attract good fortune include the jade plant (Crassula ovata), Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides), money tree (Pachira aquatica), and lucky bamboo (Dracaena braunii).

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