Where to Position Money Tree Plants in the Home

Money Tree Plants (Pachira aquatica) have many common names, including French peanut, Malabar chestnut, Guiana chestnut, saba nut, and provision tree. They have lovely brown trunks that are commonly braided, and they produce fans of pointed, oval-shaped leaves in a glossy, attractive shade of green. If you choose to grow one in your home, it’s essential to consider where you place it in your home or in your garden to generate the most auspicious flow of energy while also creating an optimal growing environment for the plant. This guide will take you through where to position Money Tree Plants in the home for optimal care and Feng Shui benefits. 

Where to Position Money Tree Plants in the Home

Where to Position Money Tree Plants in the Home – The Essentials

According to feng shui principles, money trees attract prosperity, making the southeast corner of a home, home office, or desk the best location to encourage abundance in wealth. For a healthy money tree, place yours in a location with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight, moderate to high humidity, and shelter from cold drafts.

About Money Tree Plants

About Money Tree Plants

Pachira aquatica is a species of tropical tree that belongs to the Malvaceae (mallow) plant family. Its native range includes areas that span from northwestern Mexico through Central America and well into South America.

In their native habitats, money trees enjoy growing in frost-free tropical wetlands where they receive full to partial sunlight. In these areas, they can grow to be about 60 feet tall. Despite the moisture and warmth enjoyed in their native range, money trees can be successfully grown, and their size can be well-managed indoors or in a warmer-climate garden, as well.

Money Tree Plants and Feng Shui

Money Tree Plants and Feng Shui

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice that uses certain design principles in a physical space to create harmony and an optimal energy flow.

In feng shui, money tree plants symbolize good fortune and are believed to attract positive energy, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and good luck into a home.

Where to Position Money Tree Plants in the Home

Where to Position Money Tree Plants in the Home

Where to Place a Money Tree According to Feng Shui

Feng shui principles, use a Bagua map to determine which sections of a home or individual room correspond with which areas of life. Each section of a Bagua map is associated with a cardinal direction. Layed over the top of a floor plan, “north” on a Bagua map is always aligned with the entrance of a home or individual room. Therefore, the back of a house or room is considered to be the south side, the east is the right side, and the west is the left side.

According to feng shui principles, money trees bring positive energy, wealth, abundance, and prosperity. So, a money tree would be most appropriately placed in areas of the home or a room associated with the areas of the Bagua map where you would most want to draw these types of energies.

For example, the north section of the Bagua map is associated with one’s career, and the southeast corner is associated with wealth. Placing a money tree in the north or southeast part of a room or home would be especially beneficial. 

According to feng shui, a money plant will be most effective for attracting prosperity when placed in the southeast corner of an office (the room in your home most strongly associated with earning money). You can also place a money tree on the southeast corner of an office desk.

Where to Place a Money Tree for Optimal Growing Conditions

Where to Place a Money Tree for Optimal Growing Conditions

Money trees grow best in locations in the home or office that receive bright and indirect sunlight, have moderate to high humidity and are kept at a stable temperature above 65°F.

To achieve these environmental conditions, a money tree can be placed in a location with a south, southwest, or southeast-facing window. If the window is uncovered, the plant should be placed a few feet away from the window. If the window has a sheer covering, the plant can be placed directly in front of the window.

To achieve proper humidity, a location in or near a frequently used bathroom works well. You can also plug in a humidifier or place a pebble tray near the money tree. This is especially useful if you live in a particularly arid climate.

While most homes and offices are always kept at a temperature above 60°F, protecting your plant from drafts or blasts of cool air is important. Be sure your plant is in a location that is sheltered from air conditioning vents, doors that open to the outside, and drafty windows.

Where Not to Place Money Tree Plants in the Home

Where Not to Place Money Tree Plants in the Home

According to feng shui principles, no plants – including money trees – should ever be kept in the bedroom. Although money trees can attract positive energy and prosperity, the energy is directed upward and is not considered to be conducive to creating the restful environment you want in a bedroom. Additionally, plants also introduce a water element (when they are watered) into the space they occupy. In feng shui, water douses fire, which could also douse the romantic energy in a couple’s bedroom.

For the health of your money tree, you should never place it directly in front of an uncovered, south-facing window. The direct sunlight your plant receives could scorch its leaves resulting in negative feng shui energy and a less healthy plant.

Additionally, money trees should not be placed in low-light rooms. They can tolerate some shade but need bright indirect sunlight for at least about six hours each day. Finally, do not position your money tree where it will be exposed to cold drafts from doors, windows, or air conditioning vents.

Where to Place Money Tree Plants Outdoors

Where to Place Money Tree Plants Outdoors

In warm, humid climates, money trees can be successfully grown outdoors. They’re lovely plants in terms of their ornamental value and function in feng shui.

To optimize their feng shui benefits for your home, you can place a pair of money trees on either side of the front entrance to your home. This will draw positive energy and prosperity toward and into your home. As with positioning money trees indoors, if you’ll be displaying them on your patio or in your garden, try to place them in the southeast corner.

To ensure an optimal growing environment, put your tree in a location where it won’t get scorched with direct sunlight or blasted by powerful winds. Look for a somewhat sheltered location that receives partial shade.

Essential Money Tree Plant Care

Essential Money Tree Plant Care


Money trees require several hours of bright, indirect light daily.

Temperature and Humidity

Money trees thrive in temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F and at least 50% humidity.


The best soil for a money tree is one that drains well. Peat-based soils mixed with sand or soils formulated for cacti and palm plants work well.


Money tree plants prefer moist but never soggy soil. On average, money tree plants need to be watered thoroughly once every one to two weeks. Always be sure to let the water drain completely from the pot.


During the growing season, feed your money tree monthly using a diluted, well-balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer.


Money trees prefer to be slightly root bound, and they only need to be repotted every two to three years.


Dead or dying leaves should be pruned year-round. You can cut back your money tree to control the growth and shape of the plant in the spring and summer. Make cuts strategically, keeping in mind that the places you cut back will regrow more fully.

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Where to Position Money Tree Plant FAQs:

What Room Is the Best for a Money Tree Plant?

According to feng shui, the home office is the best room for a money tree plant. Placing a money tree in the southeast corner of your office or desk is said to draw positive energy and prosperity into the wealth area of your life.

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Attract Wealth and Prosperity With a Well-Placed Money Tree

Money trees make lovely houseplants. They’re fun to grow on your own or to give as gifts to your friends, family, and colleagues. Whether your house is arranged according to feng shui principles or not, you’ll be sure to enjoy cultivating a money tree and be even happier to have the prosperity they are said to attract.

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