The Official Birth Flowers for September

In the language of the flowers, September’s official birth flowers include the aster and morning glory. Here we’ll take you through everything you need to need about their meaning and symbolism, history, and origins, plus learn about the best gifting occasions to celebrate those born in the month of September.

The Official Birth Flower Calendar:

Month:Birth Flower:Meanings & Symbolism:
January:Carnations & SnowdropPink Carnations (love and appreciation), White Carnations (luck, love, and affection, Red Carnations (love and friendship). Snowdrop (hope and rebirth).
February:Violet, Iris, and PrimroseViolets (faithful love, truth, loyalty, humility), Iris (hope, faith, passion, purity, and innocence), Primrose (affection, young love, undying affection)
March:DaffodilsDaffodils (new beginnings, faithfulness, luck, prosperity, and hope)
April:Daisy & Sweet PeaDaisy (purity, love, new beginnings, fertility, and motherhood). Sweet Pea (blissful pleasure, gratitude).
May:Lily of the Valley & HawthornLily of the Valley (romance, luck, happiness, purity, humility). Hawthorn (hope, love, beauty, fertility, and supreme happiness).
June:Roses & HoneysuckleRoses (love, passion, romance, purity, gratitude). Honeysuckle (happiness and eternal love).
July:Larkspur & Water LilyLarkspur (happiness, love); Water Lily (enlightenment, resurrection, purity, beauty, creation).
August:Gladiolus & PoppyGladiolus (integrity, honor, respect); Poppy (remembrance, prosperity, enchantment, sympathy).
September:Aster & Morning GloryAster (faith, love, achievement, and wisdom); Morning Glory (affection, intimate love, patience).
October:Marigolds & CosmosMarigolds (devotion, commitment); Cosmos (harmony, love, innocence, beauty, modesty, joy, and balance). 
November:Chrysanthemum & PeoniesChrysanthemum (friendship, love); Peonies (romance, prosperity, good fortune, honor, and compassion)
December:Narcissus, Poinsettia, and HollyNarcissus (innocence and purity); Poinsettia (success, celebration); Holly (happiness and optimism).

September Birth Flower: Aster

Aster Flower Official Birth Flower for September

Brief History and Origin of the September Birth Flower

The official birth flower for September is the aster flower. It is a composite flower from the daisy (Asteraceae) family and is commonly found in the wilds of Southern Europe and North America. 

Asters are also known to many as starworts, frost flowers, China Asters, and Michaelmas daisies. 

Asters play an essential role in traditional medicine. Ancient people used to smoke and burn these flowers to ward off any negative energy in an area. Moreover, native tribes use these flowers as a treatment against muscle pain, headaches, colds, and flue. 

The name aster originated from a Greek word that means “star,” referring to the star-shaped flowers of the plant. The relevance also has something to do with popular Greek mythology about the Greek Titan goddess of falling stars and nighttime divinations, Asteria. According to a legend, the aster flower came from Asteria’s tears as she began to cry when the stars in the dark sky were too few. 

Meanings and Symbolism of an Aster Flower

Aster Flower official birth for September to gift

Aster flower, the birth flower for September, holds a variety of meanings and symbolism. Generally, it conveys faith, love, achievement, and wisdom. It also means bravery, patience, and good luck wishes. In some cultures, the star-shaped flowers are expressions of grief for the death of a loved one. In the Victorian era, the flower represents charm and daintiness

Asters come in different hues, including purple, white, pink, and red. Purple aster flowers are the most recognized. As with other purple blooms, they signify royalty and wisdom since the color purple has long been a known emblem of the royal family in Europe. 

White asters, on the other hand, symbolize innocence and purity. They also represent new beginnings, which makes them the ideal flowers for celebrations like a graduation or a new job. Pink aster flowers are a representation of love and sensitivity, while red aster flowers are a symbol of undying devotion

Also, aster is one of two official 20th wedding anniversary flowers. The other one is the day lily flower.  

Tips When Buying Aster Cut Flowers

Unlike other cut flowers, asters mostly function as accents or fillers in bouquets and different types of floral arrangements or decor. But don’t take these cute little flowers for granted as they make a significant impact on any floral design. Here are a few tips to note when buying asters, so you’re sure to get the best blooms. 

  • Do not buy prematurely harvested asters since their closed buds may never open. 
  • Look for asters with two to four blooms on a single spike. 
  • Observe the cut flowers for any sign of distress or plant disease. Avoid those with yellowing stems or black leaves since they often indicate poor storage or growing conditions. 
  • After buying, unpack your aster cut flowers immediately, recut the stems, and remove the leaves that will fall below the water level when you place them in a vase. 
  • Hydrate and condition the aster cut flowers after transport to enhance flower life. 
  • Use a flower food solution to boost your aster flowers. 

The vase life of aster flowers is 5 to 10 days. Note that aster leaves are more prone to wilting or dying than the flowers. Thus, it is important to keep the cut flowers hydrated and clean.  

Morning Glory: The Other September Birth Flower

Morning Glory Official Birth Flower for September

Morning Glory is the other birth flower for September and the 11th wedding anniversary flower. Interestingly, this flower blooms in the morning and dies within the day hence the name “Morning Glory.” 

In the language of flowers, morning glory blooms represent unrequited love because of their short lifespan. They also symbolize affection, mortality, mourning, and resurrection

In Chinese tradition, these flowers signify a single day for lovers to meet. The folklore behind this is that when two young lovers fell in love and neglected their duties, the gods separated them on opposite sides of the Silver River and permitted them to meet for only a day in a year. 

The flowers of morning glory come in different hues, including purple, blue, white, yellow, and red. White morning glory flowers symbolize purity and innocence, while red morning glories signify a strong heart. 

Why limit your choices to asters and morning glories when there are tons of gorgeous blooms that are also in-season in September? Here are some of the most popular ornamental plants that you can easily find available during the first month of autumn/fall. 


Cosmos Flowers birthday flowers to gift in September

Cosmos are popular ornamental plants cultivated as cut flowers for bouquets and different types of floral arrangements. They are annuals with daisy-like flowers that come in pink, white, red, orange, and purple hues, among many others. Attached to these breathtaking flowers are many meanings and symbolism that include love, innocence, peace, and tranquility. 


Hydrangea birthday flowers to gift in September

Another popular cut flower that blooms in September is the hydrangea flower. Renowned for their full flower heads, attractive colors, and overall dainty and classy appeal, hydrangeas have always been a regular sight in different types of floral arrangements, especially for weddings and romantic celebrations. These blooms generally symbolize beauty, elegance, and gratefulness. 


Dahlia Flowers for September Birthday

With their undeniable beauty and brilliant shades, dahlias quickly brighten up any floral arrangement and décor. Also known as the National Flower of Mexico, dahlia flowers often hold different meanings and symbolism. Generally, they signify grace, inner strength, dignity, change, and creativity. They also mean commitment or everlasting bonds. Nevertheless, the flowers also convey negative meanings, such as dishonesty, betrayal, and instability. 

September Birth Flowers FAQ:

September’s official birth flowers include both the aster and morning glory.

In the language of flowers, the official flowers to celebrate September birthdays include the aster flower and the morning glory flower.

September’s official birth flower aster has roots in floriography dating back to Ancient Greece. The name aster originated from a Greek word that means “star,” referring to the star-shaped flowers of the plant. The relevance also has something to do with popular Greek mythology about the Greek Titan goddess of falling stars and nighttime divinations, Asteria. The other September birth flower morning glory represents unrequited love because of its short lifespan. They also symbolize affection, mortality, mourning, and resurrection. 

Aster flowers typically bloom from late summer through autumn and are abundant during the month of September.

Aster flowers symbolize love, wisdom, patience, faith, elegance, and beauty. Each variety of color will carry its own deep symbolism, from nobility to friendship and even purity. 

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