What’s The Story? Morning Glory Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Most people have stopped to admire a Morning Glory’s bright colors and twining growth. These flowering plants are so widely spread that they’re considered noxious weeds in some areas. As long as they’re handled cautiously, these symbols of enduring love and care are great for planting in containers or around entryways. In this guide, I’ll review everything you need about Morning Glory flower meanings and cultural significance worldwide.

Morning Glory Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

Morning Glory Flower Meaning – Key Takeaways

Morning Glory flowers traditionally hold the symbolic meaning of unrequited love and obsession in the language of flowers. The flower symbolizes innocence and love in Japan, making it a common gift between young lovers. In Christianity, the flower is often viewed as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. This comes from Exodus 16:7 in the Bible, which mentions the glory of the Lord being witnessed in the morning. 

Etymological Meaning

The common name of Morning Glory is linked to the blooming habits of most species that share this moniker. They tend to bloom early in the morning and close by the end of the day. 

Most flowers only last one day, while some varieties may reopen the next day. The scientific name Convolvulaceae refers to the vining habit of the plants.

The Cultural Significance of Morning Glory Flowers

Bright violet colored Morining glory flowers in bloom against a blue sky

Morning Glory Flower Meaning in Japanese Culture

The Morning Glory has an association with love regardless of the culture. This is most likely due to the vining habits of the plants that share this name. Vining plants tend to be associated with love and devotion because of their clinging nature. 

The Japanese were the first to cultivate and crossbreed the various species of Morning Glory. They use the flower to symbolize innocence and love, making it a common gift between young lovers.

Morning Glory Flower Meaning in Chinese Culture

In China, the flower is widely grown as a decoration on garden fences and house walls. It’s also associated with love in this culture, but a specific folklore story goes along with it. 

Two lovers started to neglect their duties to see each other, which angered the gods. They were banished to the separate banks of a wide river and only allowed to meet one day per year. The plant’s constant climbing and propensity to reach across open spaces reminded people of the lovers’ desire to see each other.

Morning Glory Flower Meaning in Victorian Times

Victorians also loved growing Morning Glories, some varieties easily adapted to cool climates like England. Thus, it acquired an essential role in the developing Language of Flowers used to send coded messages. 

These flowers picked up a similar association with unrequited love as it had in Chinese culture. Including a Morning Glory in a bouquet could signal continuing or undying love.

Morning Glory Flower Meaning in Christianity

Some Christian groups have taken up the use of the flower as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. This comes from Exodus 16:7 in the Bible, which mentions the glory of the Lord being witnessed in the morning. 

Finally, Pre-Columbian cultures extracted compounds from the Morning Glory to create rubber materials.

Morning Glory Flowers in Mesoamerican Cultures

Interestingly, some ancient Mesoamerican cultures utilized Morning Glory plants, particularly their seeds, for their hallucinogenic properties. These seeds contain a natural tryptamine called LSA, which can induce visions and were possibly used in shamanic rituals.

Morning Glory Flower Colors and Their Meaning

Pink morning glory flowers in bloom

In the language of flowers, color plays an intricate role in the associated symbolism of many flowers and plants. The Morning Glory showcases a wide variety of hues, which in turn contributes to their respective symbolic meaning:

  • Hot pink: Gratitude, energy, peacefulness, joy, fun, playfulness
  • Indigo to purple: Royalty, grace, wealth, growth, healing, hopefulness
  • Blue: Enduring love, desire, peace, infinity, intuition, intelligence, power
  • Red: Passionate love, power, strength, wealth, seduction, desire
  • White: Purity, healing, peacefulness, innocence, youth, rebirth
  • Yellow: Warmth, joy, fresh starts, healing.

Suitable Gifting Occasions

A single purple morning glory flower composed in a cup

Morning Glory flowers are most commonly seen in bouquets used for weddings and proposals. It’s not uncommon for people trying to indicate initial interest to give an arrangement featuring these flowers.

These flowers are also suitable for anniversary gifts due to their connection with devotional love. Giving a potted plant or hanging container of live plants is a good gift for celebrating new starts and figurative rebirths.

Morning Glory Flower Meaning – Wrapping Up

Many people have smiled at the beauty of a bold Morning Glory bloom and associated it with the feeling of love for someone else. If you’re looking for a flower to symbolize how happy someone else makes you, this is a great choice. It’s also easy enough to add to the home landscape, giving you a source of fresh-cut flowers whenever you like.

For more, see our in-depth guide to the best flower delivery services for Morning Glory bouquets.

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