Knack Gift Box Delivery Review

Knack is a specialist gift box delivery company that offers a wide variety of themed and customizable gift sets for the likes of birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, house warmings, new baby celebrations, get-well gestures, and more. They pride themselves on unique and thoughtful gift options that encourage personalized connections with loved ones near and far. I recently ordered three different gift boxes for our in-depth Knack review to get a feel for their delivery service and gift quality. Here I’ve shared my honest experience to help you decide if this service is right for gifting to friends, family, or corporate clients. 

Knack Shops Gift Boxes In-depth Review

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My Knack Experience – The Essentials:


Style & Design:Premium, modern, and cheerful. The gift boxes I received closely resembled the images presented when placing the order. However, I did customize one box to include slightly different items.
Quality:The items my gifts contained were unique and of genuinely high quality. The overall presentation felt premium. Plus, none of the products felt like filler, as is the case with some other gift boxes I’ve received.
Packaging: Robust, premium, and recyclable. There was some minimal denting on the outer packaging from transit. However, the boxes and contents stayed well-protected. The packaging added to the overall experience of receiving and opening my gifts. 
On-Time Delivery:All of the gifts I ordered arrived within the specified delivery window.
Ease of Ordering: Ordering through Knack was fast and clutter-free. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities to customize your order to add to the unboxing experience.
Value For Money:My boxes cost between $57 and $80. I thought this was a good value considering the items featured, the premium packaging, and the overall service I received with Knack. If you bought the individual items separately, pricing would obviously be cheaper, but for a complete gift experience, it felt like good value for a range of gifting occasions. 
Overall Score: 4.7 out of 5

About Knack

About Knack Gift Boxes

Knack is a modern gift box delivery company known for high-quality, unique, and customizable gift boxes. They offer various gift box options for all occasions, from holiday and college care packages to corporate gifting.

The company started in Seattle, Washington, but they offer delivery for recipients across the United States. Shoppers located in Seattle can pick up orders from the company’s showroom in person. 

What Is Knack Known for?

Knack is popular for modern, personalized gift boxes suitable for a whole range of occasions and purposes. Their gifts have a premium yet accessible feel, and they source items from artisan workers and small businesses. The idea behind these gifts is that they help people feel closer together despite any distance between them.

The curated gifts boxes cover a host of gifting occasions and taste preferences, including gourmet treats, confectionery, office essentials, cocktail and wine sets, spa and beauty products, locally crafted goods, books, and much more. 

They also support a range of independent, artisan producers across their gift collections, including BIPOC-Owned, Woman-Owned, Black-Owned, Sustainable, and Locally Made collections to pick from. 

Where Does Knack Deliver?

Knack delivers throughout the United States. Additionally, they offer overseas delivery for corporate orders. 

Regular orders placed Monday through Friday by noon Pacific Time will ship the same day. You can also choose expedited shipping that Knack arranges through FedEx. Expedited orders must be placed before 9:00 am Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Knack Collections and Prices

Knack Gift Collections and Prices
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Knack offers gift boxes based on occasion, recipient, or interest. Occasions range from celebrating a new baby to retirement. Recipients include moms, families, employees, or absolutely anyone. Some interest categories are well-being, gourmet food, or coffee and tea. 

Plus, Knack also allows you to shop by ethos. In this category, you can shop products from BIPOC-owned, woman-owned, or sustainable businesses among other options. You can also choose from products made in the USA.

Knack’s lowest prices begin at around $33 for smaller gifts. Prices on the higher end go up to $210 and higher. Additionally, you can customize any box you choose, adding or subtracting items to cater to your recipient’s preferences. Prices will adjust based on any customizations you make.

My Knack Experience 

The Gift Boxes I Ordered

I ordered three boxes from Knack to get a feel for the variety in the gifts they offer. Here is a summary of how each of the gift boxes I chose is described on the company’s website. 

Chill Mode

Knack Gift Box Chill Mode
Credit: Petal Republic

The Chill Mode gift box is ideal for life’s stressful moments. It offers various ways to promote relaxation and a bit of self-pampering. The box also includes self-help elements like a humorous journal and therapy dough. 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Knack Gift Box Don't Worry, Be Happy
Credit: Petal Republic

The Don’t Worry, Be Happy box is a colorful gift to add some happiness to your recipient’s day. It encourages practicing positivity with affirmation cards and a daily activity journal. The box also has some practical elements, like a fun notepad and chic pens. 

A Gift of Thanks

Knack Gift Box a Gift of Thanks
Credit: Petal Republic

The Gift of Thanks box is a way to say thank you with both sweet and soothing items. It features a hand-poured gratitude candle made by Burmese refugee women who relocated to the United States. Sweet treats include non-alcoholic champagne gummy bears and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. 

The Online Ordering Experience with Knack

Knack Gift Boxes Online Ordering Experience

Knack’s website has a large number of product categories, but it’s still easy to navigate and order. The home page features options to search their collections, create your own gift, or shop bestsellers by price.

The gift boxes on Knack’s site are fun and unique, so I enjoyed browsing through them to find the ones I wanted. I even experimented with creating my own gift, where the site guides you through options to help you find the perfect items for your recipient. 

Eventually, I found three gift boxes that looked interesting to me. On the product pages, I read through descriptions of each item in the gift. There were also images of the individual items and how they look together in the gift box. 

On the page, there were buttons to customize or add items to each gift box. I made some customizations on my Chill Mode box and decided I was happy with my selections. Then, I clicked Add to Cart. 

After adding the items, a window popped up showing me my cart’s contents. The window also had gift options like writing or recording a gift message or setting up delivery alerts. 

Once I had everything I wanted in my cart, I clicked checkout. This page also had the option to checkout with multiple shipping addresses for gift orders for separate recipients. 

The checkout page had several options, toggle buttons, and boxes to enter information. This felt slightly overwhelming at first glance, as I was worried I’d miss an important step in the checkout process. However, that feeling may be down to personal preference. 

On this page, you could select secure delivery with the recipient’s email address, include a message card, or add a video message. I did think these added a nice additional touch, and the video message option felt especially unique. 

After making the decisions on the previous page, I clicked Continue to Customer Information. There, I entered my contact information and the address where I wanted my boxes sent. Next, I clicked Continue to Shipping Method.

Shipping for my address included standard shipping for $12 with arrival in 3 to 6 business days, and several express options through FedEx. After choosing my method, I clicked Continue to Payment. There, I added in my billing information and clicked Pay Now. 

Overall, the ordering experience with Knack felt smooth and secure. Additionally, I appreciated that the options to upgrade my boxes were part of my journey on the site and didn’t interrupt my ordering process. 

Taking Delivery

Knack Gift Box Delivery
Knack Gift Box Packaging
Knack Gift Box Packaging and Protection

Each of the Knack gift boxes I ordered arrived within the delivery window the company indicated. They all came in separate boxes with Knack’s signature packaging.

The boxes were secure and kept everything well-protected in transit. The packaging was stylish and modern, with a luxe feel as described on the company’s website. 

The front of the box had a card secured to a Knack band wrapped around the box. Knack refers to this card as a complimentary “Knackbook.” It includes a QR code linking to a personalized webpage with any gift message the sender included as a part of the gift.

Now, a moderate amount of packaging came with these gifts. However, I felt good knowing that all of the materials included were reusable and recyclable. In fact, I kept a couple of the boxes to reuse as storage and future gifting. 

Unboxing My Knack Gift Boxes

Unboxing Knack Gift Box
Credit: Petal Republic

My Knack gifts were easy to get into, and opening them was a fun process. Each box had items arranged in paper confetti, which worked to keep them secure and add a bit of excitement to the unboxing experience. 

After removing the items from their boxes, they were mostly ready to use or enjoy. Some items, like the gratitude candle in the Gift of Thanks, had an additional layer of plastic for protective purposes. 

Aside from clearing away packaging materials, these gifts were very convenient to receive. This experience made me confident that a Knack gift would be well-received if I sent one to a friend or loved one.

The Verdict 

Knack Gift Boxes Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

My Overall Opinion of the Gift Boxes I Received

I thought my Knack gift boxes offered good value for money. They had high-quality items, that felt unique and genuinely interesting and didn’t contain filler products like some gift baskets or hampers I’ve received. 

I also enjoyed the fact that these boxes can be easily customized. I could tell that customizations would make for a highly personal gifting experience on various occasions.

Despite some minimal denting on the outer packaging from transit, my boxes came in good condition. The delivery process did not affect the contents of any of my boxes. 

The products in my boxes were of good quality, but a couple of the items didn’t suit my personal preferences. For example, the candle’s smell was a bit strong for my personal taste. Of course, that’s something I could have easily swapped out during the ordering process. 

My gift boxes closely resembled the products listed on Knack’s website. In fact, everything was identical apart from the Chill Mode box. I removed the Pinch Me therapy dough in this box and added a Dreamweaver bath balm and lemon verbena hand cream. 

All things considered, I would order from Knack again. The company is a great solution for people looking to send a different gift from the usual fare. Personally, I’d consider ordering a customized box for friends, family, loved ones, as well as gifting to colleagues or clients. You’ll find options for all sorts of taste preferences and giftings occasions such as thank-you gestures, birthdays, anniversaries, romantic occasions, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. 

The Pros of Ordering from Knack

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One benefit of ordering gifts from Knack was the quality of the items they included. Everything felt premium and lived up to the promises on Knack’s website. I could see myself using most items I received or sharing them with friends.

I enjoyed the option to customize gifts, as that really added to the ordering experience. It was fun to choose items I knew I’d enjoy, and I’m sure it’d be the same picking out treats and unique products for loved ones. 

I also loved that Knack’s gift packaging was reusable and recyclable. This made me feel better about choosing the company during the ordering process. The boxes were high-quality so that they could be used as storage in the home or for future gift-giving. 

The Cons of Ordering from Knack

Downsides of Ordering from Knack
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The main point I’d mention is that the ordering process felt a touch overwhelming in certain places. Customizing the boxes is wonderful. However, there were almost so many options at times that I worried I’d miss an important step. Admittedly, this was a personal preference and didn’t detract from the overall experience. 

One other thing I’d add is that I couldn’t find product reviews on Knack’s website. Seeing reviews may have helped me make better customizations, like swapping the fragrant candle for another item.

Best Occasions to Order from Knack

Best Occasions to Order from Knack
Credit: Petal Republic

Knack boxes would make great gifts for occasions from birthdays and house warmings to holidays and corporate events. I think this service would also be great for just-because gifts, cheering up a friend, celebrating an accomplishment, and stylish gifts for colleagues or professional relationships. 

For more, see Knack’s latest gift box collections here.

Alternatives to Knack

If you’re looking for a similar small-batch, artisanal gift experience then Mouth is a popular gift delivery specialist. For classic gift baskets and gourmet hampers, some great options are Gourmet Gift Baskets, Gift Tree, igourmet, Citarella, and Milk Bar.

Knack Buying Guide:

Where is Knack located?

Knack’s headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. However, the company delivers to addresses throughout the United States. 

How long can Knack gifts stay in the box?

The amount of time your Knack gift can stay boxed will depend on the items it contains. Most of their gift boxes contain items with a longer shelf life. If you need a gift that can stay boxed longer, the company has several that only contain non-perishable items.

How long do Knack boxes last? 

There isn’t a specific amount of time that your Knack gift boxes will last. Some boxes contain items like journals, books, and affirmation cards that your recipient can enjoy for years to come. 

Where does Knack deliver? 

Knack delivers everywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. The company also delivers to some overseas locations for corporate orders. 

How much do Knack’s gift boxes cost?

Knack’s gift boxes start at around $33 for smaller gifts. Their larger curated gifts cost up to $210. However, you can customize your box to add or remove items, which will affect the price of your gift. 

How much are Knack’s delivery fees? 

Knack’s delivery fees will vary depending on your recipient’s location. You can see the rate for your gift’s destination at checkout. Customers located in Seattle can pick up their orders in Knack’s showroom. 

Does Knack offer same-day delivery?

You have the option to expedite your Knack gift delivery through FedEx express shipping. To do so, you’ll need to order before 9:00 am Pacific Time Monday through Friday. Standard orders placed on business days by noon Pacific Time will ship the same day. 

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