How to Press Roses: 3 Fun and Easy Methods

Roses are some of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world. Although usually enjoyed in gardens, these colorful flowers can also be cut, dried, and preserved through pressing. In this article, I’ll run through how to press roses the easy way.

How to Press Roses_ 3 Fun and Easy Methods

Can You Press Roses?

Roses are gorgeous flowers that can be preserved through pressing. However, some roses can be a little trickier to press than other flowers. Rose flowers come in single, double, or semi-double forms. Pressing single flower roses is easy, but pressing double or semi-double roses requires a little more care.

What Tools Will I Need to Press Roses? 

Pressing roses is a fun and relatively easy task. Here are the essential tools you’ll need for the project: 

  1. Fresh Roses: The fresher, the better. Roses still in their prime or just past it will press the best. Try to pick roses after the morning dew has dried but before they wilt in the midday heat.
  2. Flower Press or Heavy(ish) Weight: These will apply the pressure needed to flatten and dry the roses. Large, heavy books will do the trick if you don’t have a flower press.
  3. Absorbent Paper: This could be parchment paper, blotting paper, or plain printer paper. You need something that will absorb the moisture from the rose as it’s being pressed.
  4. Paper Towels or Cardboard Sheets: These will help evenly distribute the weight and help absorb excess moisture.
  5. Scissors or Pruners: To cut the roses.
  6. Tweezers: These can help arrange the roses before pressing, especially if you’re trying to press the roses in a particular shape or pattern.
  7. Sealable Plastic Bags or Parchment Paper: For storage. After the roses are pressed and dried, they are incredibly delicate. You’ll want to store them where they won’t get crushed or crumpled.

Advice for Pressing Roses

Advice for Pressing Roses

When pressing rose flowers, there are a few tips to remember. Always pick fresh roses for pressing as this provides a better, more natural result. Regardless of how you choose to press your roses, it’s extremely important to be gentle. Roses are delicate flowers that can get damaged or torn with rough handling.

Some roses yield better results than others, depending on the color of the flowers. I like to press orange or yellow roses because they keep their color better than pink or purple roses. As a rule of thumb, brighter colors perform better than darker ones.

1) Pressing Roses Using a Flower Press

How to Press Roses Using a Flower Press
  1. Take a fresh rose and cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the stem.
  2. Place the rose in a container filled with warm water. Add a dose of floral preservative and let the rose sit in the water for approximately two hours.
  3. Take the rose out and pick off any unattractive or damaged petals.
  4. Take a cup of water and add a little bit of vinegar. Submerge the flower into the cup and then gently shake it off.
  5. Cut another couple of inches off the stem at an angle. Then place the rose in another container with fresh water and more floral preservative.
  6. Leave the rose in the container until the petals are fully dry.
  7. Carefully cut most of the remaining stem off the rose.
  8. Position your rose between two sheets of blotting paper. Then put it into the flower press and tighten it.
  9. Leave your rose in the press for two to three weeks. Gently open the press every few days to change the blotting paper.

2) Pressing Roses Using a Book

How to Press Roses Using a Book
  1. Open a large, heavy book towards the end and lay a sheet of blotting paper on one of the pages.
  2. Take a fresh rose and trim down the stem. Then place your rose on top of the blotting paper.
  3. Cover your rose with another sheet of blotting paper, and then gently close the book.
  4. Place another large, heavy book or other suitable weight on top of the book containing your roses.
  5. Leave your rose to dry for approximately two to three weeks. Open the book daily to check the flowers and replace the blotting paper.

3) Pressing Roses Using an Iron

How to Press Roses Using an Iron
  1. Choose a fresh rose and cut down the stem a bit.
  2. Lay your rose between two sheets of parchment paper.
  3. Using a large, heavy book, press down on the roses to flatten them.
  4. Place a tea towel or bath towel on top of the parchment paper containing your roses.
  5. Set your iron to the lowest possible setting without using water or steam.
  6. Iron your rose in short intervals of 15 to 30 seconds until your rose feels a bit like paper.
  7. Let your pressed roses sit somewhere for a couple of days before using them.

How to Press Roses FAQs:

What is the Best Way to Press a Rose?

The best way to press a rose is to use either a flower press or a book. Pressing roses using a large, heavy book is the most accessible method.

How Do You Press Roses and Keep Their Color?

Use orange or yellow roses to retain the color of your pressed roses. These roses hold their color much better than pink or purple roses.

Can I Press a Rose to Keep It Forever?

Pressing a rose will help it last for decades with the proper care. However, pressed roses are delicate objects that can get damaged easily, so they won’t last forever.

Wrapping Up

Roses can be pressed using a flower press, a heavy book, or an iron. Pressed roses can last for decades but are incredibly delicate. Choose orange or yellow roses wherever possible as these hold their color better than pink or purple roses. Pressing roses takes about two to three weeks.

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