My Gift Tree Hampers & Gift Baskets Review

Gift Tree is known for its decadent array of gourmet gift baskets and also offers fresh flowers and spa hampers. They’re a popular option for numerous gifting occasions throughout the year, including birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, housewarmings, and also professional and corporate gifting occasions. For this in-depth Gift Tree review, I ordered one of their best-selling gift baskets, and I’ll share what I learned about the ordering process, delivery time, and quality of items so you can make informed decisions about ordering from Gift Tree. 

Gift Tree Review

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My Experience Ordering Gift Baskets from Gift Tree – The Essentials:


Style & Design:Warm, friendly, thoughtful; with premium feel throughout. Items are carefully curated, and it shows, with a selection of high-quality treats that would appeal to a range of palettes.
Quality & Freshness:Items were high-quality and fresh. Everything looked delicious and as advertised.
Packaging:The packaging was robust, and no items were even a little bit damaged. I was impressed to see that the packing filler was recyclable and that plastic was kept to a minimum.
On-Time Delivery:The gift basket arrived the next day on time. 
Ease of Ordering:The ordering process was straightforward and easy. There were several choices to be made during the process, i.e., adding personalized messages, but the process was user-friendly. I appreciated the ability to personalize the ribbons, and though I didn’t use this feature, it’s nice to be able to send baskets to multiple addresses from within the same order.
Value For Money:Gift Tree gift baskets range in price from about $30 to $1000+, depending on how grand you want to go. This wide range of prices means there are choices for several occasions. The gift basket I ordered, As Good as Gold, was in the $90 range. Given the quality of the items and the careful packaging, I felt it was a good value.
Overall Score:4.5 out of 5

About Gift Tree

About Gift Tree

Who They Are and Where They Are Based

Gift Tree was founded in 1997 by wife and husband team Esther Díaz and Craig Bowen. Their goal was to make ordinary gifting extraordinary by offering hand-chosen items of superior quality, along with excellent customer service. After Esther, a champion of equal rights, passed away in 2020, the company added equality to its list of core values.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, part of the Portland, Oregon metro area. Gift Tree also has locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas. Their presence in multiple cities allows them to offer two-day ground shipping (and often faster) to almost anywhere in the country.

What is Gift Tree Known For?

Gift Tree’s reputation is based on its selection of intentionally curated treats, such as chocolates, cheese, candies, fruits, and wine. Items are chosen for their quality, so each gift feels special. They also offer fresh flowers.

They’re also known for choosing products with a community focus. Gift Tree offers the ability to choose “Giving Tree” gift baskets that include items from family- and minority-owned businesses. This focus on ethically sourced products, as well as eco-friendly packaging, means you can feel good about ordering from Gift Tree.

The company’s logo is the pomegranate, a fruit that’s a symbol of generosity in many cultures. The pomegranate embodies Gift Tree’s focus on giving with intention and goodwill.

It’s also reflected in their signature style, which is warm and friendly, with a focus on quality. Items are special and a step above them while still remaining approachable.

Gift Tree’s Regions Served and Delivery Options

Gift Tree ships gift baskets to almost all areas of the U.S. However, exceptions may include isolated rural areas, military bases, convention centers, cruise ships, and airports. If you need to deliver to one of these places, Gift Tree will contact you and attempt to make alternate arrangements.

Some types of gift baskets, such as those that contain flowers or perishable foods, cannot be delivered to PO Boxes. For this type of order, you’ll need to provide a physical address.

Gift Tree offers several shipping options and even offers free shipping on some items. For some items, such as floral gifts, this may include same-day delivery if an order is placed before 1:00 pm.

Most perishable items, such as fruit baskets, can be ordered for next-day or scheduled delivery dates. During warmer times of the year, expedited shipping may also be required for perishable items. The easiest way to determine your shipping options is to enter the recipient’s address on the Gift Tree website.

Gift Tree Collections and Prices

Gift Tree Gift Basket Collections and Prices

Gift Tree offers a range of gift baskets for different occasions, budgets, and recipients. Their website allows you to search using several variables, including:

  • Gifting occasion, such as Birthday, Congratulations, Wedding, Sympathy, Get Well, Anniversary, and Thinking of You
  • Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day
  • Gifts That Give Back; known as Giving Tree gifts, these baskets feature Clean Label products from businesses with a community or charitable focus, and use environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Gift Basket contents, such as chocolates, cheese, wine, Charcuterie, spa products
  • Price; search categories include Under $50, $50-$100, $100-$200, and over $200

Gift Tree offers gift baskets that are appropriate for many different types of recipients, from family and loved ones to friends and co-workers. Many options are great choices for corporate giving, as well.

Gift Tree’s pricing starts at about $30. Baskets in this range include options such as relaxing spa items, rum cakes, and personalized wine bottles. In the $200 and up category, you’ll find premium baskets containing wines, gourmet treats, fine cheeses, and even options like steak and lobster dinners. Prices run into the thousands, but most options fall remain under $300.


According to Gift Tree’s website, they use environmentally friendly packing whenever possible. They also focus on Clean Label products.

My Gift Tree Experience

My Gift Tree Experience
Credit: Petal Republic

The Gift Basket I Ordered

I ordered the “As Good As Gold” gift basket, so I could share goodies with my family over the Thanksgiving weekend. Here’s a summary of how this gift basket is described on the Gift Tree website:

Gift Tree As Good As Gold Gift Basket

This gift basket delivers a collection of imported sweets and delicacies designed to impress any foodie. Highlighted items — all of which include a golden component in their packaging — include Ghiradelli chocolates, toffees, shortbread cookies, lemon wafers, and chocolate-drizzled popcorn. The items are packaged in a sturdy, reusable basket with faux-leather handles.

The Online Ordering Experience at Gift Tree

The Online Ordering Experience at Gift Tree

The ordering process at Gift Tree was simple. Though there are many products and options on the website, different categories in which to search — such as price, occasion, and type of gift — make it easy to navigate.

Once I narrowed down my search, each product page contained enough details to help me decide without feeling overwhelming. The main image on the page showed all the items together in the basket, as well as closeup images of some of the included items.

Upgraded sizes were available for the basket I chose, such as “supreme” and “grand.” I appreciated that the differences between these options were clearly defined.

After choosing and adding a basket to my cart, I was offered the option of adding a personalized (or standard) message to the ribbon.

I was then prompted to choose a delivery date. I appreciated the pricing calendar that popped up, showing me various available dates and fees for delivery. Finally, I was offered the option of adding a personalized gift card message and choosing an occasion.

One helpful Gift Tree ordering feature is the ability to send baskets to multiple addresses from within the same order. Addresses and recipient information were clearly laid out on the order page, so I could see precisely where each basket would go before I hit “Payment and Complete Order.”

Overall, the process was streamlined and simple. I didn’t feel bombarded by attempts to upsell and add-on options.

Taking Delivery

Taking Deliery of My Gift Basket from Gift Tree
Credit: Petal Republic

The order arrived right on time. It was delivered directly to my front door.

The order was delivered in a sturdy, undamaged, and plain cardboard box. The only indication of the contents was the tape used to seal the box, which had the Gift Tree logo on it.

However, the writing on the tape was mostly covered by the shipping label, so it was hard to read. Overall, the packing didn’t give much indication of what was inside.

Unboxing My Gift Basket from Gift Tree

Unboxing my gift basket from Gift Tree
Credit: Petal Republic

Unboxing the gift basket was exciting. The box, while securely sealed, was easy to open.

Inside, the first thing I saw was a cheerful, bright red ribbon and a nice-looking gift card, which increased my anticipation. The gift basket was securely wrapped in plastic and fit closely within the box, so it couldn’t have moved much at all during transit. It was nicely packaged with a minimum of plastic, which I appreciated.

I was impressed at the number of items that fit neatly into the basket. It was fun to take out all the treats and arrange them. Since each had a golden element on its label, the items had a cheerful glow. The whole effect was quite festive!

I was pleased to find that the items came in a sturdy, attractive basket that I’ll happily find a use for. I also appreciated that Gift Tree used reusable packing paper confetti. I’ll reuse it or recycle it to reduce waste.

After I removed all the items, they were ready to enjoy. None of the items were damaged.

After sneaking a couple of treats (I couldn’t resist the chocolate and shortbread), I reassembled the basket and set it on the counter. When my kids came home from school, they were excited to see it and couldn’t wait to dig in! My family enjoyed sampling brands we hadn’t tried before. Everything was fresh and delicious.

The Verdict

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My Overall Opinion of the Gift Basket I Received

The gift basket was a good value due to the high quality of the ingredients. All were somewhat special; while some familiar items were inside, most brands were new to me. It was fun to try a selection of high-quality items.

The basket was attractive and reusable. The packaging minimized plastic and wasn’t overly wasteful.

Overall, the gift basket resembled its online image and description. All the items were included, and there were no substitutions.

I would order from Gift Tree again. The basket I received would have been appropriate for anyone, whether for a loved one or even for a corporate gift. I can’t imagine anyone not liking the selection of treats in this particular basket, and the presentation was great.

The PROs of ordering from Gift Tree

Gift Tree Gift Baskets - The Verdict
Credit: Petal Republic

One great benefit of ordering from Gift Tree is item quality. Everything I received was fresh, delicious, and just kicked up a notch.

In fact, each treat in this gift basket just felt special There were none of the “filler items” that I’ve often seen in other gift baskets. Instead, everything seems as though it had been intentionally chosen to make the gift not only delicious but also to give the experience of discovering new and tasty treats.

Another pro was the nice basket that everything came in, along with the secure packaging that minimized plastic waste.

The CONs of Ordering from Gift Tree

While I didn’t have complaints about the packaging, the outer box didn’t give much hint of what was inside. The tape did have the Gift Tree logo, but the mailing labels largely covered it. Maybe this is intentional to create a sense of surprise.

My only other “con” relates to the images used on the Gift Tree website. On the product page, there’s a nice image of the gift basket itself. But the images of the individual items show unpackaged items, so it’s hard to tell which is which. Some images weren’t of items that were actually in the gift basket.

Occasions to Order From Gift Tree

Gift Tree’s range of baskets makes them a good choice for almost any occasion. The basket I received would have been appropriate for many recipients, from family and friends to business associates or corporate giving. While the gift baskets are approachable, items have an intentional quality that kicks it up a notch, making them appropriate for occasions from birthdays and congratulations to thank you and thinking of you gifts.

For more, see the latest collections at Gift Tree here.


Gift Tree’s pricing runs the gamut from inexpensive ($30) to quite expensive (the most expensive item on the site comes in at $6,900), so you’re likely to find something in your price range.

But if you’re looking for an alternative, you might consider Gourmet Gift Baskets, where prices start slightly lower, or The Fruit Company and iGourmet for more premium options. A less expensive option for floral gifts could be From You Flowers.

Gift Tree Buying Guide FAQs:

Where does Gift Tree deliver?

Gift Tree delivers almost anywhere in the U.S. Exceptions may include very rural areas, military bases, convention centers, cruise ships, or airports.

How much are gift baskets at Gift Tree?

Gift baskets start at around $30 and range up to $6,900, with a range of price points in between.

How much are Gift Tree delivery fees?

Delivery fees vary depending on the item, the delivery speed, and the shipping method. Some items offer free shipping, while others may incur a fee from $9.95 to $47.95. Any delivery of alcohol incurs a $4.99 fee.

How long does it take to receive gift baskets from Gift Tree?

Most items have a two-day shipping window.

Does Gift Tree offer same-day delivery?

Some floral gifts offer same-day shipping if the order is placed before 1:00 pm in the recipient’s time zone.

How long do Gift Tree gift baskets last?

Non-perishable baskets should last three months or longer. Gift Tree baskets that contain perishable goods should be refrigerated immediately and used by the date on the packaging.

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