Best Photos of the Week: April 5th, 2024

Explore a collection of our favorite photographs and digital art from the world of botany, floristry, and nature this week.

Photos of the Week April 5th 2024

1) Pink Peonies

The first peonies of the season are in bloom!

Garden pink tree peonies in bloom

2) Colorful Floral Designs

A vibrant and colorful floral arrangement featuring fresh-cut dahlia flowers.

A colorful vase arrangement filled with fresh cut seasonal flowers

3) Wild Primrose

Yellow wild primrose flowers growing at the base of a tree spotted on a spring walk.

Yellow wild primrose flowers growing at the base of a tree

4) Colorful Celosia Flowers

Unique celosia flowers showcasing red, yellow, and green hues.

Colorful Cockscomb flowers in bloom against the setting sun

5) Summer Wildflower Meadows

Vibrant and colorful wildflowers bloom against the setting sun.

A wildflower meadow at sunset

6) Zinnias with a View

Beautiful and vibrant zinnia flowers with a stunning vista to a large lake and rolling hills.

Zinnia flowers bloom in an open field

7) Purple Patch

Stunning purple wildflowers grow on the hillside, overlooking green fields and the setting sun.

Stunning Purple Wildflowers in Bloom

8) Pink Clovers

Beautiful pink clover flowers in full bloom.

Pink Clover Flowers

9) Red Persian Daisies

A cluster of ruby red Persian Daisies in bloom.

Red Wildflowers in Bloom

10) Mountain Daisies

An array of brilliant white and yellow-centered spring daisies with snow-capped mountains in the background.

Wild Daisies Growing in a field in the mountains

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