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Our Favorite Gift Basket & Hamper Delivery Specialists in San Diego

Welcome to our local guide to the best gift baskets and hamper delivery specialists serving San Diego County today. We’ve included a host of stylish and creative options spanning gourmet food hampers, classic fruit baskets, handcrafted care packages, artisanal confectionary, and small-batch goods, in addition to an array of floral and plant-inspired gifting sets. Perfect for friends, family, and loved ones in addition to refined and sophisticated gifting options for colleagues and corporate clients. Many also offer an array of intriguing occasion and Holiday inspired gift baskets for the likes of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, celebrations, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Enjoy!

15 Best Options for Gift Basket Delivery in San Diego, CA

1) FloomFlowers & Sophisticated Gifts$$$1 to 2
2) Gourmet Gift BasketsGourmet Foods & Wines$$1 to 2
3) BloomscapeHouseplant Gift Sets$$5 to 7
4) MouthArtisanal Foodie Treats$$2 to 4
5) UrbanStemsFlowers & Sophisticated Gifts$$1 to 2
6) The Fruit CompanyClassic Fruit Baskets$$$1 to 3
7) Pleasant SurprisesGourmet Foods, Treats & Wines$$$1 to 2
8) ProFlowersFlowers & Classic Foodie Baskets$$1 to 2
9) GiftTreeGourmet Foods, Treats & Wines$$1 to 3
10) Milk BarStylish & Creative Sweet Treats$$1 to 3
11) FromYouFlowersFlowers & Classic Foodie Baskets$1 to 2
12) The Best To YouGourmet Foods, Treats & Wines$$$$1 to 2
13) Allen’s FlowersFlowers & Fine Wines$$$$1 to 2
14) GoldbellyUS Regional Delicacies$$$1 to 2
15) Wine CountryGourmet Foods, Treats & Wines$$$1 to 3

The Best Gift Baskets in San Diego for Every Occasion

1) Floom

The best local, artisanal floristry studios in San Diego crafting unique gifting baskets and hampers.

About Floom’s Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

Flooms’s the place that connects all the best local, independent floristry studios in San Diego. Here you’ll find some of our favorite local flower shops whipping up all sorts of beautiful bouquets and elegant floral designs. 

What’s great is there’s always a fine selection of handcrafted hampers to be found as well. There’s a floral note across many as you might expect which are often mixed with gourmet treats, indulgent confectionary, small-batch produce, vegan beauty products, and elegant scented candles. 

Prices typically range from $60 up to $150 and many are available to ship the same-day throughout San Diego. 

2) Gourmet Gift Baskets

Upmarket, and refined gift baskets for every occasion.

About Gourmet Gift Baskets Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

Family-run for over 20 years now, Gourmet Gift Basket is home to one of the most extensive gift basket and hamper collections in the country. 

Here you’ll find everything from gourmet foods, candy towers, classic fruit baskets, champagne & beer collections, college care packages, and everything in between, 

They’re always a dependable option for gifting to friends, family, and loved ones and also make a refined option for colleagues and corporate gifts. 

There are options for most budget considerations as well with plenty of creative gift baskets under $50 in addition to numerous premium options going all the way up to $300+ if you’re after something truly spectacular. 

Overnight, or 2-day delivery options are available throughout San Diego. 

3) Bloomscape

Houseplant superstars offering a great year-round collection of plant gifting sets.

Bloomscape Plant Gift Collection Delivery in San Diego
Credit: Bloomscape

About Bloomscape’s Gifting Collections: 

Plants are fundamentally good for the soul and these homegrown beauties make a great alternative gift for friends, family, and loved ones.  

There are several options to pick from as well including the awesome ‘Touch Stuff’ collection featuring a trio of cool Sansevieria, ZZ Plant, and Hoya. These fellas will handle all sorts of abuse so make a great gift for a new plant parent or someone with less than ideal growing conditions in their home. Other top picks include succulent, peperomia, and edible herb plant trio gifting sets. 

Most plant gift sets are priced at $65 and Bloomscape ships throughout San Diego County. 

4) Mouth

Small-batch, artisanal treats from the best independent producers in the United States. 

Mouth Gift Basket Delivery San Diego
Credit: Mouth

About Mouth Gift Basket Delivery in San Diego: 

Mouth is a small, independent team of foodie obsessed tastemakers intent on searching out the best small-batch products across America. 

Here you’ll find all sorts of cute and creative gift boxes and care packages featuring artisanal treats spanning cheeses, charcuterie, confectionery, baked goods, homebrewed beers, cocktails, and spirits.

Their packaging and attention to detail are always on point which makes them a great option for charming gifts for birthdays, thank you gestures, celebrations, and care packages. 

Prices are also largely affordable as well with numerous gifting collections available for under $50.  

5) UrbanStems

Stylish gifting collections from the modern marvels of online flower delivery. 

UrbanStems Gift Box Delivery San Diego
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

It’s easy to love the ever-evolving array of beautiful floral creations from UrbanStems. Here’s where you’ll find bold, vibrant, and compelling seasonal fresh-cut flower arrangements that are always a step out of the crowd in terms of style and design. 

They also curate an excellent variety of stylish gifting collections spanning beauty & spa, scented candles, craft products, and more. All can be paired with one of their gorgeous bouquets if you’re looking to double up for a special treat for a friend, family, or loved one. 

Prices typically range from $30 to around $70 and next-day delivery is available throughout San Diego County. 

6) The Fruit Company

Timeless and elegant fruit gifting baskets for every occasion. 

The Fruit Company Gift Basket Delivery in San Diego
Credit: Fruit Company

About The Fruit Company Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

The classic fruit basket might well sit atop the gift basket world as the most appropriate option for many of life’s key moments. 

The Fruit Company does a great job of curating a vast collection of upmarket and occasion-ready fruit hampers. Here you’ll find everything from classic seasonal produce, the best organic farms, and lots of options spanning tropical and eclectic fruits from around the world. What’s more, you can pair many of their collections with cheeses, charcuterie, and other treats. 

There are plenty of fruit gift boxes under $50 in addition to premium and luxurious collections ranging up to $200+. 

Standard and expedited shipping is available throughout San Diego County. 

7) Pleasant Surprises

Unique and elegantly presented gift baskets and hampers for every occasion. 

Pleasant Surprises Gift Basket Delivery in San Diego
Credit: Pleasant Surprises

About Pleasant Surprises Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

San Diego natives Pleasant Surprises have been one of the leading local spots for handcrafted gift baskets for over 25 years now. 

They cater to a vast array of gifting occasions covering everything from Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, New Babies, House Warmings, and more. Expect all sorts of gourmet foods, fine wines & champagne through to tea & coffee collections, spa & beauty products, and more. 

You’ll find options for most budget considerations as well with prices ranging from around $30 up to $250+ for something truly grand and spectacular. 

Local, next-day hand delivery is available as well throughout San Diego. 

8) ProFlowers

Affordable gift baskets and hampers for every taste preference and budget. 

About ProFlowers Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

ProFlowers is one of the biggest names in the flower delivery world. Home to a vast inventory of affordable fresh flower bouquets throughout the year they also curate an extensive collection of gourmet gift baskets, dish gardens, and floral-inspired collections for all of life’s key gifting moments.

What’s great is the sheer diversity of git baskets on offer spanning chocolate and confectionary towers, fruit hampers, gourmet foods, new baby gifting collections, spa and beauty sets, stuffed toys, and flowering plants to name but a few. All can be paired with fresh seasonal flower bouquets and arrangements as well. 

Prices are generally very affordable with prices starting from just $30. Same-day delivery is also available throughout much of San Diego County. 

9) GiftTree

Stylish and upmarket gift baskets for those occasions you need something a little bit more refined. 

About GiftTree San Diego: 

GiftTree is always a good shout if you’re after something a little bit classy and refined. They’re a dependable option for corporate gifting and to clients in addition to stylish options for friends and loved ones. 

There’s a definite boozy vibe running through much of their collection spanning vintage wines, craft beers, and champagne in addition to lots of gourmet pairing options including artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, small-batch goods, and other treats. 

Prices are a little more premium than you’ll find elsewhere, expect to pay around $100 for one of their signature gift baskets or hampers. 

Standard and expedited shipping is also available throughout San Diego County. 

10) Milk Bar

Sumptuous sweet treats and creative baked goods. 

Milk Bar Gift Basket and Care Package delivery in San Diego
Credit: Milk Bar

About Milk Bar Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

Milk Bar’s been shaking up the dessert scene for a few years now. They’re famed for their reimagination of classic flavor combinations and ingredients across a great variety of creative and decadent baked goods and treats. 

The in-house bakery crafts all sorts of gifting collections throughout the year including indulgent Holiday and occasion-inspired cakes, cookies, truffles, and pies. 

Smaller gifting boxes start from around $20 going up to around $100 for the all-in cake, cookie, and truffle combos. Perfect for birthdays, celebrations, and more. 

Shipping is available throughout San Diego County. Orders typically arrive in 2 to 3 days. 

11) FromYouFlowers

A great choice of affordable gifting baskets and hampers for all of life’s key moments. 

FromYouFlowers Same Day Fruit and Floral Gift Basket Delivery in San Diego
Credit: FromYouFlowers

About FromYouFlowers Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

No-one does cheap and affordable flower delivery quite as proficiently as FromYouFlowers. Here you’ll find an entire universe of seasonal floral arrangements at some of the most competitive price points around. 

What’s more, they’re a popular option for gift baskets, hampers, and houseplants as well. There’s everything from classic fruit baskets, confectionary boxes, Italian gourmet food hampers, lavender bath sets, cookie tins, and coffee collections, in addition to floral gifting baskets and potted plant creations. 

Prices typically range from $25 up to around $80 and most gift baskets are available for same-day delivery throughout San Diego County. 

12) The Best To You

A long-standing San Diego gifting specialist crafting an excellent collection of gift baskets & hampers for every occasion.

About The Best To You Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

San Diego-based The Best To You has been crafting an extensive range of gift baskets and hampers for almost 40 years now. Here you’ll find a huge variety of themed and occasion-ready gifts tailored to birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, The Holidays, and more.

There are options for a host of style and taste preferences as well with numerous local Californian produce and small-batch goods in amongst the best gourmet delights from France, Italy, Spain, and beyond. 

There’s lots of fun and quirky themed gift baskets as well for sports fans, music lovers, pet owners, and aspiring chefs to name but a few. 

Prices start from around $50 with lots of options going up to $300+. Same day delivery is also available throughout San Diego County. 

13) Allen’s Flowers

An excellent local San Diego florist crafting exquisite floral inspired gift basket collections. 

About Allen’s Flowers Gift Basket Delivery in San Diego: 

Allen’s is an enchanting local floristry studio revered for its elegant floral designs and stylish array of houseplants. 

Their gifting collections are a real treat and make an excellent option for special occasions throughout the year including Valentine’s Day, landmark birthdays, or anniversaries. 

My favorites include their beautifully presented flower crates overflowing with roses and orchids which are paired with a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon. Quite the romantic gesture I might suggest. 

There’s a number of cool succulent and vino pairings as well in addition to a collection of gourmet treats and decadent fruit hampers. 

Prices are a little on the premium side as you might expect with their signature boxes ranging from $150 up to around $300 but are well worth the treat.

14) Goldbelly

Fun and eclectic regional gourmet treats from across the US. 

Goldbelly Gift Boxes and Gourmet Treats in San Diego
Credit: Goldbelly

About Goldbelly Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

Goldbelly is a super-fun option for an interesting and unique gifting basket for friends, family, and loved ones. What’s cool is they partner with some of the most famous, small-batch, artisanal producers in cities across the country to curate their excellent collection of gift baskets, food hampers, meal kits, and care packages. 

Here you’ll find a smorgasbord of regional delicacies and signature dishes across the United States. Expect everything from Kosher bagels from H&H bagels in NYC, to deep dish pizza from Bartolini’s in Chicago, through the best sourdough bread from the famed Tartine Bakery in San Francisco to name but a few.

Prices start from around $30 and they offer expedited shipping options throughout San Diego County. 

15) Wine Country

Californian wine and gourmet food gift baskets. 

Wine Country Gift Basket Delivery in San Diego
Credit: Wine Country Gift Baskets

About Wine Country Gift Baskets & Hamper Delivery in San Diego: 

Wine Country is a Calfornia-focused gift basket specialist. They work in partnership with numerous local winemakers across Sonoma and Napa counties in-particular to produce their elegant gifting collections. 

Expect a host of vintage and award-winning cabernets, pinot noirs, sauvignon blanc, and more from across the region. Many are also paired with gourmet foods, small-batch confectionery, and other treats. 

Prices start from around $50 with lots of options for luxury and premium gift baskets going up to around $250. Overnight, 2-day or 3-day shipping is available throughout San Diego County. 

Gift Basket & Hamper Delivery in San Diego FAQ:

The most popular gift baskets today include the classic fruit basket, floral-inspired gifts, artisanal sweet bakery items, fine cheese, and vintage wine pairings, as well as small-batch charcuterie and aperitivo baskets.  

Smaller gift baskets under $50 are readily available for delivery throughout San Diego. Expect to pay from $100 for larger, more premium, and upmarket gifting baskets filled with fine foods, wines, and treats from leading producers. 

Gift baskets are great for a host of gifting occasions and make a great alternative to a classic floral bouquet. Many specialist gift basket merchants in San Diego curate a vast array of gift baskets and hampers that are tailored to a broad array of gifting occasions ranging from birthdays, anniversaries, thank you messages, celebrations, weddings, and sympathy & condolence through to Holiday specialties for Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

The occasion will often dictate the most appropriate gift basket to send. Celebratory occasions are often filled with fine foods, sweet treats, and vintage wines and champagne. For something more reserved, consider floral based gift baskets filled with artisanal items and organic produce. 

The world’s your oyster when it comes to good things to put in a gift basket. Many specialist gift basket delivery services in San Diego will also give you the opportunity to tailor the basket to your exact preferences or the occasion at hand. 

Consider fine teas and coffee beans; artisanal baked goods; rare, interesting, and unique dried fruits; vintage wines and Grand Crus; organic meats from the best producers; small-scale farm cheeses; fresh or dried seasonal flowers; and homemade cookies, cakes, and sweet treats. 


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