15 Best Feng Shui Plants for Business Success

There are countless reasons to keep plants around the workplace, be it a home or dedicated office environment. They’re not only beautiful to look at and help us reconnect with nature, but they also cleanse the air, help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve focus and creativity. Plants are also a key component of the wood element in feng shui, which makes them a perfect choice for drawing lots of good luck and energy into the wealth corner of your Bagua map for business success. Here, we’ll take you through the fundamental principles of feng shui for business. We’ll share 15 of the best plants to consider featuring in your own office space.

Best Feng Shui Plants for Business

Key Takeaways

The best plants for business in feng shui include the jade plant, money tree, lucky bamboo, and a variety of citrus trees. Although, any healthy plant with soft, rounded, or heart-shaped leaves will attract the right kind of energy to create harmony in your workplace while fostering business success.

The Role of Feng Shui in Business Success

The Role of Feng Shui in Business Success

Energy (chi) continuously flows all around us throughout nature. The principles of feng shui aim to balance city layouts, architecture, interior design, and objects within our interior spaces to better control the flow of energy to foster harmony, positivity, and prosperity, especially in professional spaces.

By balancing the five elements and following the principles of feng shui for business spaces, you can encourage the flow of energy in a way that cultivates success and prosperity while attracting good fortune, wealth, and money.

How Plants Can Affect Business Feng Shui

In feng shui for business, plants play a key role in drawing positive, lucky energy to the right corners of the Bagua map. For business, plants not only draw in positive, vital energy, they also attract the energy of upward growth which fosters good fortune, wealth, money, and prosperity.

The Placement of Plants for Good Business Feng Shui

The Placement of Plants for Good Business Feng Shui

Positioning and placement of plants is a key guiding principle in feng shui practices and it’s recommended to place plants in the wealth corner of your home’s or office’s Bagua map.

Facing the formal front door, the wealth corner is located in the far left corner of the space – whether that be the far left corner of an entire office building or just the room where your home office is located.

Placing auspicious plants in the wealth corner will draw positive energy, vitality, growth, good fortune, and prosperity into the wealth area of your life.

While the Wealth Corner is an excellent choice for the placement of plants for good business feng shui, it’s not your only option. You can also place auspicious plants in other areas of the Bagua map where additional positive energy would help you achieve your business goals. For example, the front center portion of your office is associated with career, the far center is associated with reputation and fame, and the front right is associated with helpful people.

Drawing positive energy into any of these spaces could help you become more prosperous in business by fueling your career, aiding with your marketing efforts, or helping you connect to the right people at your next networking event.

15 Best Plants for Business in Feng Shui

Here you’ll find 15 of the best plant types to consider for business settings in feng shui. We’ve included essential tips and considerations on where to position and care instructions for each. 

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo plant on a table

Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui plants. It’s attractive, low-maintenance, and easy to group in auspicious numbers. Additionally, it has a fast upward growth that draws in positive, uplifting energy.

Feng Shui BenefitsReverses bad fortune and attracts good luck
Where to PositionPlace on the back left corner of your desk
Care ConsiderationsChange water weekly to avoid bacterial growth and bad energy. Lucky Bamboo can also be grown in a rich, well-draining soil mix.

2. Jade Plant

Jade Plants on a side table in an office

Although some succulents aren’t recommended for feng shui, the jade plant is highly popular. It’s great for fostering business success thanks to its soft, coin-shaped leaf segments.

Feng Shui BenefitsAttracts positive energy, prosperity, and wealth
Where to PositionPosition in the wealth corner of your desk or office where the plant will receive plenty of light
Care ConsiderationsOnly pot in well-draining soil, and never let a jade plant sit in standing water.

3. Peace Lily

A Peace Lily plant with a tall white spathe

Peace lilies are beautiful and reasonably fast-growing, given the right conditions. As a result, they have the potential to draw lots of positive, harmonious energy into your business space. They’re perfect for mitigating stress and creating a suitable environment for productivity and creativity.

Feng Shui BenefitsBalancing, harmonizing, and peaceful
Where to PositionPlace in the career corner of your office for a stress-free work environment
Care ConsiderationsCan thrive in artificial and low-light conditions

4. Money Tree

Green leaves of the Money Tree plant

As its name suggests, the money tree is all about attracting wealth in feng shui. They’re also quite attractive and will be easy to grow if your office has suitable conditions. Money trees are also considered a lucky gift, making them a good choice for celebrating your coworkers.

Feng Shui BenefitsAttracts wealth, prosperity, and good fortune
Where to PositionFor business, position in the wealth corner of your office
Care ConsiderationsNeeds bright, indirect light, evenly moist soil, and don’t like cold drafts

5. Ficus Ginseng Plant

A Ficus Ginseng Plant on a wooden table

If you’ve ever admired photos of bonsai trees, then you’ve likely gazed upon the stout trunk and delicate foliage of a ficus ginseng plant. Also called the curtain fig, this plant produces fruit which makes it a symbol of prosperity in feng shui.

Feng Shui BenefitsAttracts wealth, prosperity, and good luck
Where to PositionFor business, position in the wealth corner of your office. For family, position in the wealth corner of your dining or living space.
Care ConsiderationsPrefers warm, humid conditions and well-draining soil. Avoid drafty, dry locations near HVAC vents.

6. Snake Plant

A row of Snake Plants in an office workplace

Although the snake plant’s leaves are fairly rigid and lance-shaped, it is considered a good plant in feng shui thanks to its upward growth that helps lift heavy, stagnate, or downward-flowing energy.

Feng Shui BenefitsPosition a snake plant beneath ceiling beams, ceiling fans, or in offices with low ceilings.
Where to PositionLow maintenance and tolerates low and artificial light conditions
Care ConsiderationsLow-maintenance and tolerates low and artificial light conditions

7. Flowering Jasmine Plant

Flowering Jasmine Plant on a wooden table

Flowering jasmine blossoms are most fragrant at night, and their scent has a reputation for helping to ease anxiety. They’re most fragrant at night, which makes them perfect for keeping you calm while you burn the midnight oil.

Feng Shui BenefitsStores positive energy and soothes stress
Where to PositionPosition in the relationship corner of your Bagua map for strong relationships or in the career corner for a smooth professional journey
Care ConsiderationsPrefers bright sunlight and needs about four hours of direct sun during the spring and summer

8. Orchids

A pink orchid plant in a yellow plant pot next to a laptop on a work desk

In feng shui, many types of orchids are most strongly associated with family, fertility, and romantic relationships. However, some orchids do have a place in business. Plus, their exotic beauty will only enhance the physical appeal of your workspace.

Feng Shui BenefitsWhite orchids create peace and harmony, and violet orchids foster positivity.
Where to PositionPosition in the career corner of your office
Care ConsiderationsOrchids must have well-draining soil and prefer a humid environment.

9. Fiddle Leaf Fig

A Fiddle Leaf Fig plant in a blue plant pot on a wooden table

The fiddle leaf fig features large, ovate leaves in a glossy green. Depending on the growing conditions, their rate of growth can be controlled. As a result, you can keep one on your desk for a few years before it becomes too cumbersome and needs to be relocated.

Feng Shui BenefitsUplifting energy, attracts positive energy, and prosperity
Where to PositionPlace a small fiddle leaf fig on the wealth corner of your desk or a large one in the wealth corner of your office.
Care ConsiderationsPrefers evenly moist but never soggy soil and moderate humidity. Avoid drafty locations.

10. Rubber Tree

A Rubber Tree plant next to an office desk

Rubber trees are perfect for office environments because they’re attractive, low-maintenance, and don’t need a lot of natural sunlight. In addition to their business-boosting feng shui benefits, they also help remove toxins from the indoor air.

Feng Shui BenefitsAbundance and wealth
Where to PositionPlace in the wealth corner of your business’s Bagua map
Care ConsiderationsKeep moist during spring and summer. Water less in fall and winter.

11. Areca Palm

An Areca Palm plant next to an office work desk

Areca palm is fast-growing and attracts a ton of positive energy. It’s perfect for inviting positivity into your business, in addition to filling and lifting dark corners where the energy flow would otherwise grow stagnate.

Feng Shui BenefitsGood fortune, neutralizes negativity and attracts positivity
Where to PositionPlace near the front entrance of your business or in empty corners with enough space to accommodate the plant’s size.
Care ConsiderationsKeep areca palm soil evenly moist at all times. Prefers full to partial sunlight.

12. Citrus Trees

A Citrus Tree in a contemporary, minimalist room

Any tree with the potential to bear fruit is considered auspicious in feng shui, and citrus trees should help you be fruitful in business as well.

Feng Shui BenefitsAbundance, wealth, and prosperity
Where to PositionPlace in the wealth or career corner of your Bagua map – or gua where you would like your life to be more fruitful.
Care ConsiderationsTo actually produce fruit, citrus trees require eight to 12 hours of direct sunlight each day.

13. Boston Fern

A Boston Fern plant on on office desk with outlooks to trees and greenery through the window

Boston ferns are a lovely species of fern plant. They have fluffy, soft trailing tendrils of greenery and will grow quite happily in both hanging containers and more traditional planters.

Feng Shui BenefitsHappiness, wisdom, and attracts positivity
Where to PositionHang in an empty corner or position in the wealth or career corner of your desk for positivity and contentedness in business.
Care ConsiderationsCan thrive in low light. Prefers moderate humidity and evenly moist soil. Water frequently.

14. Golden Pothos

A Golden Pothos plant on a wooden table

In feng shui, the golden pothos is the ultimate plant for neutralizing negativity and attracting positive energy. In business, what more could you want?

Feng Shui BenefitsAttracts positive energy, neutralizes negative energy, and uplifts the energy
Where to PositionIn dark corners, above cabinets, and anywhere you could use more positivity and optimism in the office.
Care ConsiderationsTolerates low-light conditions. Water when soil is nearly dry.

15. Philodendrons

A dark green Philodendron plant on a wooden side table

With their giant, pliant leaves, many types of philodendrons are an energy-drawing powerhouse in feng shui. Be sure you put yours in a space that’s big enough for the plant’s leaves to unfurl.

Feng Shui BenefitsCalming, positive energy
Where to PositionFor serenity in business and calmness in life, place in the wealth or physical health areas of the Bagua map.
Care ConsiderationsPrefers medium to low indirect light. Allow the soil to dry before watering.

Plants to Avoid for Good Business Feng Shui

Cactus plants on a wooden table

To attract positive energy to the wealth corner of your office, business, or home, avoid decorating with spiky, rigid plants such as cacti and jagged succulents which can draw in negative energy and are generally considered difficult to use successfully in feng shui.

Additionally, only keep healthy, thriving plants in your wealth corner, as the health of your plants can affect the health of your business endeavors. Infested, sickly, dying, or dead plants will draw negative energy, drain the positive energy from your space, and hinder the energetic growth of your wealth corner, business goals, and financial pursuits.

Business Feng Shui Plants FAQ

Where Is the Wealth Corner of the House?

Facing the front door, the wealth corner is located in the far left corner of a house or any building. However, the same Bagua map that overlays a home’s floor plan can also be applied to any room. So, standing in the doorway and facing in toward your family room, for example, the wealth corner of the family room would also be the far left corner.

How Do You Attract Money in Feng Shui

To attract money in feng shui, you must declutter your home to allow energy to flow freely and abundantly. Then focus on adding energizing elements like wealth-attracting plants and water features like fountains – especially in the wealth corner of your home or office.

Which Plant Is Considered the Luckiest in Feng Shui?

No single plant is considered the luckiest in feng shui. However, lucky bamboo, money trees, jade plants, and citrus trees are considered some of the most auspicious – especially when it comes to drawing positive energy to the wealth corner.

Can Plants Absorb Negative Energy?

In feng shui, plants that have soft leaves that are round or heart-shaped are thought to absorb or clear negative energy. With its softly trailing, bright-green foliage, the golden pothos is one of the most popular plants for neutralizing negative energy and uplifting the energy in a space.

Make Way for Plants and Clear Your Office for Success

Now that you know all about the best plants for business in feng shui and which ones could prevent you from achieving your dreams, you can start filling your office and every wealth corner of your home with the most auspicious greenery.

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