Alstroemeria Flowers: The Timeless Tales of Loyalty and Longevity

Alstroemeria is an unfamiliar name to many, but most flower lovers would recognize these colorful Peruvian lilies on sight. The bright colors and upward-pointing blooms are perfect for filling out bouquets and arrangements, and each color comes with its own meaning to send a truly unique message. Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Alstroemeria flower meaning.

Alstroemeria Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Alstroemeria Flower Meaning – The Essentials

Alstroemeria is an eye-catching lily that can last a long time after cutting, giving it a common meaning of longevity and good health. It’s also a symbol of romantic love dating back to the Victorian Era, as with other lilies commonly grown then.

Etymological Meaning

Alstroemeria may sound like a mystical or ancient name, but Carl Linnaeus named the genus after its discoverer, Baron Von Alströmer. He studied under Linnaeus and was happy to contribute to his efforts to document New World plants.

Alstroemeria Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Alstroemeria Flower Meaning & Symbolism

In addition to being a great potted plant or bouquet addition, Alstroemeria is full of meaning to multiple cultures. Add in all the color variety, and it is no wonder it is easy to send many different messages with the same flower.

Common Alstroemeria Flower Colors

  • Red: Passion, romantic love, strength, life force, good health, wealth, growth, and new beginnings.
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, energy, joyful endings, travel, exploration, and excitement.
  • Pink: Celebration, playfulness, youth, childishness, gentleness, platonic love, and delicacy.
  • White: Purity, innocence, new life, grief and loss, reverence, respect, and healing.
  • Purple: Royalty, wealth, luxury, extravagance, success, strength, and elegance.
  • Green: Growth, development, changes, gracefulness, platonic appreciation, and value.
  • Yellow: Warmth, reassurance, healing, hope, fresh starts, youthfulness, and health.

The Cultural Significance of Alstroemeria Flowers

The Cultural Significance of Alstroemeria Flowers

It’s not clear what the Ancient Incans thought of Alstroemeria flowers because there are minimal references to these blooms. While they were sure to run across them during their travels across the cool mountain ranges of Brazil and Chile, they didn’t play a major role in the iconography still available from that area. 

Most of Alstroemeria’s meaning and cultural significance are derived from modern times. While these lilies were grown in Europe before the Victorian era, they weren’t given a separate meaning from other lilies in the Language of Flowers.

For a more general meaning, lilies were considered a symbol of passionate romantic love. That included the Alstroemeria, especially in hot pink or deep red. This meaning continues today, with many people sending Alstroemeria as a romantic gesture.

White lilies of all kinds are often used to symbolize grief in a tradition dating back to the Victorian era. Alstroemeria in other colors primarily take their meaning from the specific color of the blooms. With large and upward-pointing flowers contrasted by their twisted downward-facing foliage, Alstroemeria is often assigned a meaning of support and friendship, too.

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Alstroemeria Flowers

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Alstroemeria Flowers

Depending on the color, Alstroemeria makes a great addition to a bouquet for romance or a declaration of love. For the perfect gift, select red and other romantic colors, combined with other symbolic flowers like the red rose, to cement your message.

If you need to support a friend going through a hard time, a flower arrangement in shades of orange and yellow can make a good choice. Purple Alstroemeria is a great addition to bouquets for friends who are celebrating a career success or a new source of wealth.

Alstroemeria Flower FAQs:

What do Peruvian lilies symbolize?

These flowers are usually used to symbolize romantic love, support of a friend, or good health and growth. They weren’t distinguished from other lilies by most cultures that used them symbolically.

Is Alstroemeria a hardy?

Alstroemeria prefers to grow in areas that are frost-free, making it tender and not hardy. However, you can either mulch heavily or dig up the tubers and keep them indoors over the winter to protect them.

Is Alstroemeria a perennial?

As long as cold temperatures don’t damage the tubers, Alstroemeria is classified as a herbaceous perennial.

How long do fresh-cut Alstroemeria flowers last?

Fresh cut Alstroemeria can stand for 14 days or longer before losing color or wilting. Use flower food and common flower care practices like keeping them out of direct sunlight to make them last as long as possible.

Is Alstroemeria toxic to humans and pets?

Most varieties are irritating and toxic if consumed or even touched too much. Keep them away from curious pets and children.

Wrap Up

Alstroemeria blossoms are large, colorful, and eye-catching. The flower’s ability to stand in a vase for a full two weeks without wilting also helps give it an additional meaning of longevity and good health. It is a great flower to add to any bouquet that needs a punch of color and shape at the same time. Even the twisted foliage on the stems can add to the beauty of the bloom.

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