Will Monstera Plants Root and Grow in Water?

Monstera plants are extremely impressive houseplants with large, beautiful leaves. Although these plants are usually grown in soil, another surprising option can also work. In this article, we’ll find out whether Monstera plants can root and grow in water.

Will Monstera Plants Root and Grow in Water?

Will Monstera Plants Root and Grow in Water?

Will Monstera Plants Root and Grow in Water?

Yes, Monstera plants can root and grow in water. In fact, using a jar of water is the easiest way to propagate Monstera plants. Healthy Monstera cuttings in water usually develop roots within 2 to 4 weeks.

You can also grow most types of Monstera plants in water permanently (including climbing Monstera varieties). Some of the benefits of growing Monstera plants in water include reduced risk of diseases and less mess caused by soil.

Monstera plants need well-draining soils that still retain some moisture, which can be a tricky balance to strike. If the soil doesn’t drain well, your Monstera will suffer from overwatering and waterlogged soil. This also reduces airflow around the roots, which leads to root rot.

Ironically, growing Monstera plants in water can protect them from overwatering. In a jar of water, air can flow freely around the roots of your Monstera. This helps eliminate problems like root rot even though the roots are submerged in water.

Key Considerations

Key Considerations

Keep in mind that any Monstera plants growing permanently in water won’t get very big. Monstera plants may grow as large as 10 to 15 feet tall indoors. Specimens growing in water will rarely get more than a couple of feet tall.

Another thing to remember is that growing Monsteras in water works best with new cuttings or very young plants. Mature Monsteras that are used to growing in soil won’t cope when moved into a jar of water.

Monsteras growing in water won’t live as long as those growing in soil. Usually, Monstera plants can live for up to 40 years. However, Monsteras growing in water may only last a few years.

How to Grow Monstera Plants in Water

How to Grow Monstera Plants in Water
  1. Choose a clean glass or vase for your Monstera cuttings. Thoroughly wash the vessel with warm water and let it dry.
  2. Get rid of any excess soil left on the cutting. Choose cuttings that have a node and a couple of leaves.
  3. Fill your chosen container about halfway with room-temperature rainwater, distilled water, or filtered water. Tap water contains chemicals like chlorine that can harm plants.
  4. Place your Monstera into the container and position somewhere with plenty of bright, indirect light (see our guide to the best window aspects for Monstera here).
  5. Maintain temperatures between 68 and 86ºF (20 to 30ºC) and humidity levels between 60 and 80%.
  6. Top up the water as it evaporates, and change it every few days to prevent algae buildup.
  7. Feed your Monstera once a month with some diluted liquid or specialist hydroponic fertilizer.

Wrapping Up

You can propagate and grow Monstera plants in water. This cuts down on soil mess and protects your Monstera against certain problems. However, Monsteras growing in water won’t grow as large or last as long as plants grown in soil.

For more, see our in-depth guide to the uses and benefits of Monstera plants.

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