Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants in the Home

Also known as the dragon tree, Dracaena marginata is one of the most popular types of Dracaena plants. With their red-edged leaves, these trees can add subtle color accents to any room. Dracaena marginata plants are linked to good fortune, prosperity, and emotional support in feng shui. In this article, we’ll explain where to position Dracaena marginata plants at home according to care requirements and feng shui.

Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants in the Home

Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants in the Home – The Essentials

Dracaena marginata thrive best when located in areas with warm, stable temperatures and moderate to high humidity. Dragon trees also need bright, indirect, or filtered sunlight, ideally from east-facing windows. For maximum feng shui benefits, Dracaena marginata plants work best in the eastern or southeastern areas of your home or office.

About Dracaena Marginata Plants

About Dracaena Marginata Plants

Dracaena marginata plants are one of 120 recognized species within the Dracaena genus of the asparagus family (Asparagaceae). These plants are indigenous to the islands of Madagascar and Mauritius.

The Dracaena genus gets its name from the Ancient Greek word ‘drakaina‘, which translates as ‘female dragon’. Dracaena marginata stems can produce red sap, which was likened to dragon blood. As such, Dracaena marginata plants are also known as dragon trees.

Dracaena marginata plants have strong but slender trunks with gray bark. The evergreen lance-shaped leaves have red edges and can measure up to 3 feet long. Outdoors, dracaena marginata trees can grow up to 13 feet high but will reach approximately 6 feet high indoors.

Dracaena Marginata Plants and Feng Shui

Dracaena Marginata Plants and Feng Shui

As well as being brilliant ornamental plants, Dracaena marginata is also great for feng shui. Dragon trees belong to the Wood element and are associated with good luck and prosperity.

One of the crucial elements of feng shui is the Five Elements Theory (Wu Xing). Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood all have specific attributes and govern particular areas of the Bagua map. Through their connection to the Wood element, dragon trees represent emotional support, growth, rebirth, and vitality.

As living beings, dragon trees can also help reduce negative energy or chi in your home. Negative energy usually collects in empty spaces or corners. Dracaena marginata plants can fill these spaces, turning negative energy into positive energy.

Dracaena marginata plants can also purify the air by absorbing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like benzene or formaldehyde. These compounds can pose health risks and are generated by household items like carpets or cleaning products. According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, dragon trees are one of the best plants for purifying the air.

Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants in the Home

Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants in the Home

According to Care Requirements

Dracaena marginata plants are low-maintenance, but they do need warm, stable temperatures and moderate to high humidity. Dragon trees need temperatures ranging from 65 to 78ºF (18 to 25ºC) and humidity levels between 60 and 80%.

Using humidifiers or pebble trays, you can provide the right humidity levels for dragon trees. However, Dracaena marginata plants can handle drier conditions well as long as they stay warm.

Dragon trees need bright, indirect light or filtered light. Position them approximately 3 feet away from east or southeast-facing windows to provide the right amount of light. Too much direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, while full shade can cause weak, stunted growth.

According to the Bagua Map

According to the Bagua Map

The Bagua map allows you to organize different areas of your home and boost specific attributes of feng shui. The Bagua map divides space into nine zones representing the directions of the compass around a central point. Each section governs certain aspects of life and is linked to one of the five elements.

Here’s a rundown of the nine zones of the Bagua map and their corresponding qualities and elements:

  • East = Family (Zhen) – Wood
  • Southeast = Prosperity and Wealth (Xun) – Wood
  • South = Fame and Reputation (Li) – Fire
  • Southwest = Relationships (Kun) – Earth
  • West = Children (Dui) – Metal
  • Center = Health (Tai Qi) – Earth
  • Northwest = Helpful People (Qian) – Metal
  • North = Career (Kan) – Water
  • Northeast = Knowledge (Gen) – Earth

Position dragon trees in the east and southeast areas of the Bagua map. These areas govern family relationships and prosperity respectively, both of which will be boosted by dragon trees. These areas are also strongly linked to the Wood element, helping to boost Wood attributes such as growth or vitality.

Five Elements Theory also focuses on the relationships between each element. Some elements can strengthen, weaken, or clash with others. Wood is strengthened by Water, so placing objects linked to Water near your dragon tree strengthens Wood energy.

Wood strengthens Fire, which governs fame and reputation and is strongest in the southern area of the Bagua map. Adding dragon trees to this area can boost the power of the Fire element, which could help boost your reputation.

Dracaena marginata plants can also combat the negative energy accumulating in empty corners or spaces. Dragon trees can easily fill a gap thanks to their upright structure and prolific foliage. This reduces negative energy while boosting the flow of positive energy.

Where NOT to Place Dracaena Marginata Plants in the Home

Wood clashes with Metal and weakens Earth, so placing dragon trees in these areas could hamper Wood energy. When trying to cultivate Wood energy, avoid placing dragon trees in areas of the Bagua map related to Earth and Metal.

Always avoid leaving Dracaena marginata plants in areas that experience cold or dry drafts. These tend to be generated by air vents, open windows, and heaters or radiators. Drafts can lower the temperature and humidity around your dragon tree and lead to problems such as yellowing leaves (or common dracaena pests).

You should also keep dragon trees away from areas that experience direct sunlight or full shade. These lighting conditions cause problems for Dracaena marginata plants. Too much direct sun scorches the leaves, while too much shade won’t provide the light necessary for strong, healthy growth.

Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants Outdoors

Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants Outdoors

Because they need warm, stable temperatures and high humidity, Dracaena marginata plants are tricky to grow outdoors all year round. The only suitable areas are USDA Zones 9 to 11. Even in these regions, dragon trees need a sheltered spot that receives indirect light or partial shade.

You can grow Dracaena marginata plants outdoors in pots if you live in cooler climates. Leave them outside in spring and summer but protect them during winter using fleece. Alternatively, you can bring potted dragon trees inside if temperatures drop below 63ºF (17ºC).

Essential Dracaena Marginata Plant Care

Essential Dracaena Marginata Plant Care

Dracaena marginata plants are pretty low-maintenance as long as they get the proper temperatures, light, and humidity levels. Give dragon trees bright, indirect, or filtered sunlight. Maintain temperatures between 65 to 78ºF and humidity levels between 60 and 80%.

Dragon trees prefer drier soils, so water them whenever the top 3 to 4 inches of soil feel dry. This equates to approximately every seven days in summer and every 14 days in winter. Dracaena marginata plants need fertile, well-draining soils and monthly fertilizing in spring and summer.

Fertilize Dracaena marginata plants about once a month during the growing season and repot the plant every 2 or 3 years.

Where to Position Dracaena Marginata Plants FAQs:

What Room is Best For a Dracaena Marginata Plant?

East or southeast-facing rooms are ideal for Dracaena marginata plants. These areas provide the right amount of light and suit the feng shui attributes of dragon trees.

How Far Away From a Window Should a Dracaena Marginata Plant Be?

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Wrapping Up

Dracaena marginata plants are beautiful ornamental indoor trees that promote good luck according to feng shui. Place dragon trees in warm, humid areas with bright, indirect or filtered light. Dragon trees work best in eastern or southeastern areas of the Bagua map, strengthening family and prosperity. Dragon trees can also dispel negative energy that collects in corners and empty spaces.

For more, see our in-depth guide on how to grow dragon trees at home and the meaning and symbolism of dracaena plants.

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