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Where to Find the Best Prayer Plants for Sale

In this guide, we’ll take you through 10 of our favorite plant delivery specialists offering the best year-round collection of prayer plants for sale. These beautiful plants make excellent additions to the home and look stunning in a range of living spaces. What’s more, many of these plant shops offer a range of styling options in addition to speedy prayer plant delivery options throughout the United States.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Prayer Plants for everything you need to know about nurturing the plant at home and our essential guide to the best prayer plant soil mix.

10 Best Options for Prayer Plant Delivery:

1) UrbanStemsBest for Modern & Stylish Prayer Plants$$1 to 2
2) BloomscapeBest for Home-Ready Prayer Plants$$5 to 7
3) Léon & GeorgeBest for European Styling$$$5 to 7
4) The SillBest for Plant Care Support$$7 to 10
5) TerrainBest for Wild & Eclectic Plant Life$$$5 to 7
6) Lively RootBest for Eco-Friendly Prayer Plants$$5 to 7
7) Home DepotBest for Nursery Fresh Plants$3 to 5
8) EtsyBest for Rare and Unique Prayer Plants$$5 to 7
9) Gabriella PlantsBest Specialist Prayer Plant Nursery$5 to 7
10) RootedBest for Homegrown Plants $$3 to 5

Where to Buy Prayer Plants Online:

1) UrbanStems

UrbanStems Prayer Plant Delivery
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems: 

UrbanStems are renowned for the beautifully composed floral arrangements which are curated in partnership with the likes of Vogue and other trendsetting collaborations. 

Today, you’ll also find an ever-expanding collection of stylishly composed houseplants that make excellent gifts for friends and family in addition to chic ornamentals for the home or office. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Here you’ll find the aptly named ‘Kondo’ – a stunning 6” Calathea complete with a great white ceramic planter and metal stand. Simply unpack on delivery, pick your spot and you’re good to go. Priced as shown at $90 including delivery. 

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

UrbanStems deliver prayer plants the same-day across many cities including New York City, Washington DC, and next-day nationwide.

2) Bloomscape

Bloomscape Prayer Plant Delivery
Credit: Bloomscape

About Bloomscape: 

Bloomscape is renowned for its ever-evolving collection of plants that are expertly considered for a host of living environments. They’ve also devised a number of unique packaging tricks that help to ensure plants are delivered throughout the country in pristine condition every time. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Bloomscape carries an excellent selection of Prayer Plants throughout the year. First up is their charming Red Prayer Plant ($39), which makes a great starter plant in the home and stands at 7” to 12” tall, and comes complete with its own Eco pot (made from 80%+ recycled plastic sourced from the ocean!). Delightful.  

There’s also the stunning Neon Prayer Plant ($69) with its striking green oval leaves and intricate patterns. This one’s a little larger (typically up to 15”). 

What’s more, we love Bloomscape’s Calathea Trio Collection ($69) which includes a Calathea Orbifolia, Calathea Rattlesnake, and Calathea Pinstripe. Each comes with a choice of stylish planters and makes an excellent starter collection for the home or office (or as a gift for friends and family). 

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

Bloomscape delivers Prayer Plants nationwide typically within 5 to 7 days.

3) Léon & George

Leon and George Prayer Plant Delivery in the USA
Credit: Léon & George

About Léon & George:

Léon & George are home to some of the most upmarket houseplants and planters around.  They’re renowned for their modern and contemporary designs with a European aesthetic throughout. 

Above all, expect pristine houseplants throughout their collection and many mature plant specimens ready to make a grand statement in your home. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Léon & George carry one of my personal favorites – The Calathea Medallion (Calathea roseopicta – from $79). This stunning plant boasts a deep and rich color palette and you can pick between a choice of accompanying elegant planters. Looks amazing on any side table, dresser, or hanging planter throughout the home. 

Prayer Platn Delivery Options: 

Léon & George provide nationwide shipping with Prayer Plants typically delivered within 5 to 7 days. 

4) The Sill

The Sill Calathea Prayer Plant Delivery
Credit: The Sill

About The Sill: 

The Sill goes over and above to ensure plant parenting is as rewarding as it should be. What’s great is every purchase comes with a plant’s life worth of support from The Sill’s excellent team of plant care experts. They’re on hand to help out with any tips and tricks as well as offering guidance if your plant is ever looking a little under the weather.

Perfect for those new to the world of plants in addition to those looking to take their plant game to the next level. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

The Sill carries an excellent variety of live and faux Calathea plants throughout the year. These include options spanning Calathea Makyana, Calathea Ornata, Calathea Rattlesnake, and Calathea Vittata which showcase an array of unique and interesting color profiles.

Prices start from around $30 and each arrives potted with a choice of very stylish planters.

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

The Sill ships nationwide with Prayer Plants typically delivered within 7 to 10 days.

5) Terrain

Credit: Terrain

About Terrain: 

Terrain is a great collection of modern garden centers, revered for their laid-back, natural style and expansive choice of homegrown plants and stylish homeware.

Today, they form part of the wider Anthropologie group of companies and they deliver nationwide directly from their network of growing facilities dotted around the United States.

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Terrain’s Prayer Plants start at just $28 and you can pick between a regular growing pot or something a little fancier. 

There’s also a sumptuous Maranta Lemon Lime (from $68) which comes complete with a distressed metal pot. 

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

Terrain delivery Prayer Plants nationwide typically in 5 to 7 days. 

6) Lively Root

Prayer Plants at Lively Root
Credit: Lively Root

About Lively Root:

Located in the heart of San Marcos, California, Lively Root is a very popular eco-friendly nursery that specializes in growing houseplants in addition to trees, flowering shrubs, and more. What’s great is they ship all their plants nationwide. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Lively Root carries the famed Peacock Plant (Calathea roseopicta – priced at $50) which has cool watermelon patterns running across the leaves and brilliant green and purple colors. Keep this one out of strong light and water moderately and it will thrive in most homes. 

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

Lively Root ship Prayer Plants nationwide via UPS Ground and should arrive in 7 to 10 days. 

7) Home Depot

Home Depot Prayer Plants
Credit: Home Depot

About Home Depot: 

Home Depot source directly from some of the biggest nurseries around and always have a great collection of Prayer Plants available for delivery nationwide. Prices are also very affordable and make perfect starter plants for the home. Just note you’ll want to have a nice pot or planter ready upon delivery. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Prayer Plants at Home Depot typically start from just $20. There’s a great range of Prayer Plants to be found including Pin Stripe Calathea, Medallion, Roseopicta, Peacock, Beauty Star Calathea, Dottie Calathea, and Fishbone Prayer Plants to name but a few!  

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

Home Depot offers both standard and expedited shipping of Prayer Plants nationwide. 

8) Etsy

Prayer Plants at Etsy
Credit: Etsy


Etsy’s home to a world of creative, independent, and small-scale growers offering a vast collection of Prayer Plants for delivery nationwide. Many won’t have the same scale as some of the more established plant store specialists but there are always some gems to be found.  

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Prices typically start from just $10 for small baby Red Maranta Prayer Plants and there are numerous options for more established plants if you’re after something a little larger. Expect a range of Prayer Plant varieties and colors and lots of interesting planters and pots to accompany them. 

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

Most Etsy merchants provide a range of Prayer Plant shipping options nationwide. Expect your plants to arrive in 7 to 10 days typically. 

9) Gabriella Plants

Prayer Plant Delivery from Gabriella Plants
Credit: Gabriella Plants

About Gabriella Plants: 

Gabriella Plants is a family-run plant nursery located in Florida. They ship all their plants directly to your front door right from their very own greenhouses. Expect plants grown with expert care and attention throughout their excellent collection. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Here you’ll find a great assortment of young 3” or 4” Prayer Plants. Prices typically range from just $10 to $17.50 and are perfect starter plants to be potted and grown at home. 

What’s more, there’s a huge choice to be found including Calathea Fusion White, Medallion, Zebrina, Freddie, Beauty Star, Exotica, Rufibarba, and Orbifolia to name but a few. 

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

Prayer Plants are available for delivery across the contiguous United States. Expect your plants to arrive in 5 to 7 days typically. 

10) Rooted

Maranta Prayer Plant Delivery Rooted
Credit: Rooted

About Rooted: 

Rooted started out selling plants from an apartment in Brooklyn. They’ve quickly grown to become of the leading plant shop retailers and ship a huge collection of plant life right across the United States. 

Prayer Plant Range & Prices: 

Rooted carry the beautiful ‘Gabriel’ Prayer Plant throughout the year and is available in both small and medium sizes. This Brazilian native loves bright, indirect light if you have the spot and will need a watering every week. 

Prayer Plant Delivery Options: 

Rooted provides free nationwide Prayer Plant shipping. Expect your plants to arrive in 3 to 5 days typically. 

Buying Guide: Prayer Plant FAQs:

How much does a prayer plant cost?

Smaller, younger prayer plants typically 4” to 6″ tall range from $10 to $20. Larger prayer plants typically 6” to 18” range from $20 to $75 dependent on the variety and styling.

Are prayer plants easy to grow?

Prayer plants are generally considered easy to grow. You just need to find the right balance of light, watering, soil, and feeding schedules. Aim for a spot with medium to bright indirect light if you’re growing indoors and look to water every 1 to 2 weeks making sure the soil drys out completely in between each cycle. 

How fast do prayer-plants grow?

As indoor houseplants, prayer plants are relatively slow growers. You can expect anywhere from 3″ to 6″ every year topping out at around 18″ max.

Are prayer plants good for the home?

In addition to being a very popular ornamental houseplant, Prayer Plants are also well regarded for their medicinal properties (including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiviral).

What’s more, Prayer Plants are expert air purifiers and do a stellar job filtering airborne toxins.

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We are a floristry, plant, and lifestyle city resource curated by a passionate team of horticulturists, floral & plant enthusiasts, budding designers, and intrepid urban gardeners. We're committed to showcasing the best in floral and plant design, sharing our experience and recommendations on the best blooms and greenery for every occasion, season, and living environment, and spreading our love of the enchanting world of flowers and plants.

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