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The Best Money Tree Plant Delivery Services in the USA

Money Tree Plants are loved for the easy-going nature and ornamental beauty, in addition to being a renowned symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Feng Shui Masters have long heralded the positive energy drawn from these famed trees and they make a stunning addition to many a home and office environment. Here you’ll find our expert guide on where to buy Money Tree Plants today. We’ve featured numerous specialist growers and nurseries heralded for their exquisite Money Tree Plant collection and there’s an array of size and style options to be found. What’s more, they all deliver throughout the USA. Let’s go! 

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Money Tree Plants for everything you need to know about nurturing the plant at home.

10 Best Options for Money Tree Plant Delivery:

1) Léon & GeorgePremium & Contemporary Houseplants$$$1-4
2) Bonsai Boy of New YorkNursery Fresh Bonsai and Houseplants$1-4
3) UrbanStemsModern & Stylish Florals & Greenery$$1-2
4) BloomscapeLeading Indoor Plant Specialist$$$1-4
5) Lively RootStylish & Contemporary Houseplants$$2-7
6) The SillCommunity Driven Houseplant Favorite$$1-4
7) ProFlowersModern & Stylish Flowers & Plants$$1-2
8) FromYouFlowersCheap & Affordable Bouquets & Houseplants$$1-2
9) EtsyCreative & Eclectic Plants$2-7
10) RootedNursery Fresh Houseplants$$2-7

Where to Buy Money Tree Plants

1) Léon & George

Leon and George Where to Buy Braided Money Tree Plants in the USA
Credit: Léon & George

About Léon & George: 

Léon & George is a premium online plant shop that caters to those looking for impeccable plant life and contemporary planters and pots. 

There’s a chic French vibe running throughout their collection and they’re particularly well regarded for their larger, more mature Money Tree Plants and other houseplants including exquisite Snake Plants and Fiddle Leaf Figs.  

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

Léon & George typically have 2 Money Tree varieties available for delivery throughout the year: 

The Scandinavian Braided Money Tree – available in small (around 1ft tall – $74) or medium (around 1.5ft tall – $129). 

There’s also the classic Braided Money Tree available in small, medium, or large (1ft to 4ft respectively ranging in price from $79 up to $359). 

Each comes with a choice of very stylish planters and look great as ornamental centerpieces throughout the home. 

Delivery Options: 

Money Tree Plants are typically delivered nationwide across the US in 1 to 3 days. 

2) Bonsai Boy

About Bonsai Boy of New York: 

Bonsai Boy of New York is one of the leading bonsai specialist retailers in the entire US. This family-run business has been in operation for over 30 years and has a stellar reputation for growing an excellent collection of their own bonsai trees and plant life. 

Every order comes complete with Bonsai Boy’s special home-blend soil mix, suitable potting vessel, and expert care instructions so you can successfully grow and nurture Money Trees yourself at home. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

Bonsai Boy grows and trains a range of Money Trees throughout the year. Smaller trees (up to 18” tall are typically priced from $30 to $40. 

Larger, more mature braided money trees are available from $150. These special trees are 15+ years old and typically 35”+ in height. 

Delivery Options: 

Bonsai Boy ships Money Tree Plants across the US in carefully packaged containers. Expect delivery in 1 to 4 days depending on your location. 

3) UrbanStems

UrbanStems Money Tree Plant Delivery in the USA
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems: 

UrbanStems are a modern and stylish online florist and plant shop. They partner with a network of leading flower farms and plant nurseries to deliver fresh blooms and plant life directly from the growers to your front door. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

UrbanStems signature Money Tree is nicknamed ‘The Dinero’ and arrives in a handcrafted ceramic pot with a cool geometric pattern for a truly unique look. 

The plant delivered will be approx 14” to 18” tall – perfect for a side table or window ledge in your home or office. 

Priced at $60 as shown. 

Delivery Options: 

UrbanStems provides same-day Money Tree delivery across many cities across the United States in-addition to next-day and specified day delivery options. 

4) Bloomscape

Bloomscape Large Money Tree Plant Delivery in the USA
Credit: Bloomscape


Bloomscape are one of the most revered online houseplant emporiums around. They carry a dizzying array of exceptional plant life for the home and are well-regarded for their innovative packaging technology that ensures each and every plant sold arrives on your doorstep in pristine condition. 

What’s more, every Money Tree arrives ‘living-room-ready’ with an appropriate soil mix, planter and care instructions. Simply unpack, pick your spot, and you’re good to go. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

Bloomscape offers a couple of different Money Tree varieties. 

First up is their cute Mini Money Tree ($35). This little fella stands 9” to 15” and comes complete with a great ecopot. Perfect for those with limited space or just looking for a smaller Money Tree for a particular spot in your home. 

Then there’s the big brother. A grand, mature braided Money Tree ($150) standing 32” to 40” tall. This beauty includes a premium soil mix as well as a suitable planter and saucer. An epic centerpiece for the home. 

Delivery Options: 

Bloomscape delivers Money Trees Plants nationwide typically in 2 to 4 days. 

5) Lively Root

Lively Root Houseplants Where to Buy Money Tree Plants in the USA
Credit: Lively Root


Lively Root is a superb eco-friendly nursery located in San Marcos in California. They grow an extensive range of indoor plants, trees, flowering shrubs, cacti, and succulents and ship nationwide across the US. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

Lively Root offers one smaller variety (12” to 16” tall) of braided Money Tree year-round (typically $34). It’s perfect for beginners or those with limited space and comes complete the appropriate soil mix and choice of 2 cool wicker planters. 

Delivery Options: 

Lively Root ship nationwide with UPS Ground with Money Tree Plants usually being delivered in 7-10 days from the order date. 

6) The Sill

Credit: The Sill

About The Sill: 

The Sill is a cool and creative community of plant enthusiasts. Here you’ll find a world of plant life expertly considered for a range of living environments and experience levels. 

What’s more, every plant sold comes with direct access to The Sill’s team of houseplant experts who promise to be there every step of your plant’s journey through life. So, if you ever need any tips or suggestions on repotting, pruning, propagating, or mitigating any pests with your Money Tree you’ll have someone right there with you. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

The Sill’s signature Money Tree arrives in one small to medium size (typically priced at $47). 

You can pick and choose between their cool terracotta planter styles and each plant arrives with the nursery grow pot as well which you can drop straight into the planter. Easy. 

Money Tree Plant Delivery Options: 

The Sill provides standard and expedited Money Tree Plant delivery nationwide. Expect your plant to arrive in 2 to 4 days. 

7) ProFlowers

ProFlowers Money Tree Plant Same Day Delivery USA
Credit: ProFlowers

About ProFlowers: 

Masters of the online flower delivery world, ProFlowers also curates an excellent houseplant collection. There’s a great range of stylish designs to be found at affordable prices and each plant is typically available to ship same-day or next-day nationwide across the US. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

The ProFlowers Money Tree Plant (typically $60) stands approximately 17” tall and comes complete with their exclusively designed Southwest print woven planter. 

Money Tree Plant Delivery Options: 

Money Tree Plants are typically delivered same-day or next-day across the US.

8) FromYouFlowers

FromYouFlowers Same Day Money Tree Plant Delivery
Credit: FromYouFlowers


FromYouFlowers offer some of the cheapest prices around when you’re after affordable fresh flowers and greenery. They also have a huge inventory of houseplants to be found and ship most items same-day or next-day across the country. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

The Good Fortune Money Tree at FromYouFlowers is typically priced at around $40. It stands approximately 15” tall and comes complete with a versatile white planter. 

Perfect as a gift for someone’s birthday or a thank you message in addition to being a great houseplant option for your home. 

Delivery Options: 

FromYouFlowers ship Money Tree Plants same-day and next-day across the United States. 

9) Etsy

Etsy Where to Buy Money Tree Plants in the USA
Credit: Etsy

About Etsy: 

Etsy is the place that brings together many small-scale and independent plant growers in one easy to use online marketplace. There are 1000s of plant species to be found and a host of creative options for every living environment. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

You’ll find a whole world of small, mature, and faux Money Tree Plants at Etsy throughout the year. Prices typically start from just $20 for smaller trees with more mature, hand-nurtured options from $60+. 

Money Tree Plant Delivery Options: 

Most Etsy merchants are able to deliver Money Tree Plants inside 7 days nationwide. 

10) Rooted 

Rooted Money Tree Plant Delivery in the USA
Credit: Rooted


Rooted started out selling plants from an apartment in Brooklyn and have grown to become one of the best spots for young plant life. They grow and source all sorts of indoor plants and always have a good supply of Money Tree Plants on hand to ship nationwide. 

Money Tree Plant Range & Prices: 

Rooted typically have 3 size options for their Money Tree Plants. Small ($20) arrives 15” tall, Medium ($35) is 24” tall, and Large (from $100+) at 4-5 feet tall. 

Each Money Tree includes the appropriate soil mix and arrives in an eco-friendly growing pot. Note, you’ll want to transfer to something a bit more elegant so have a planter on standby to switch over to once you take delivery. 

Delivery Options: 

Rooted ship Money Tree Plants anywhere in the United States for free! Plants typically arrived in 2 to 5 days depending on your exact location. 

Where to Buy Money Tree Plants FAQ:

Money Trees thrive in medium to bright light conditions though are quite happy in lower light conditions. I’d recommend rotating the plant every 2 weeks or so to give the whole tree an opportunity to draw energy from the available light source and boost healthy leaf development. 

Not at all! The associated inherent symbolism of fortune, prosperity and good luck is to attributed to the owner and carer of the Money Tree Plant so buying one for yourself will reap the same benefits. 

Smaller, younger Money Tree Plants are typically priced between $20 and $40 (typically up to 10” in height). Medium-sized Money Tree Plants are $40 to $75 (typically up to 35” in height) and larger, more mature specimens that have been hand-nurtured for several years are anywhere from $75 to $150+ (typically sold anywhere up to 4 feet tall). 

Money Tree Plants (Pachira aquatica) are native to Mexico and northern parts of South America and have been known to grow up to 60 feet in the wild! At home, your Money Tree Plant is unlikely to be quite as virile so expect it to top-out at 6 feet or so. Many home growers also prune their Money Tree Plants extensively and treat it more as a bonsai tree to control growth and height. 

Money trees are relatively slow-growers. A young sapling will take up to 15 years to reach 4 feet plus in height.


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