Where to Plant Carnations for Optimal Growth and Maximum Blooms

Carnations are pretty hardy herbaceous perennials that thrive in most gardens. In this article, I’ll share my experience of where to plant carnations for optimal growth each season. 

Where to Plant Carnations in Your Garden

Plant carnations in a sunny, sheltered part of your garden. Choose an area that receives approximately four to six hours of full sun throughout the day.

What Conditions Do Carnations Like?

Most types of carnations (Dianthus) are native to grasslands and open habitats across Asia and Europe. However, some species are also found in parts of Africa and North America, where they have become naturalized.

How Tall and Wide Do Carnations Grow?

Most carnations grow between 0.5 and 2 feet tall and approximately 10 to 14 inches wide.

Soil Requirements for Carnations

Carnations need fertile, well-draining soils that provide good aeration. Carnations grow well in dry to moist soils but hate sitting in saturated soils.

Can Carnations Grow in Pots?

Carnations are versatile plants that grow well in pots due to their compact size. Ensure your carnations have rich, well-draining soil, and fertilize them every few months.

6. Peace Lily

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