What’s the Best Soil Mix for Aglaonema Plants (Chinese Evergreens)?

So, you fell in love with the beautiful foliage, acquired a Chinese evergreen, and you can’t wait to start caring for it. We’re going to cover some soil basics and information that will help you choose the best soil mix for your algaonema plant.

Why Soil Choice Matters

The right soil will not only support your plant’s growth by providing the optimal blend of nutrients.

What Are the Primary Components Used in a Potting Soil Mix?

Potting mix is much more than just dirt. There are various factors such as different bases and components, minerals, nutrients, and particles (and their size), making each mix unique.

Common Signs You’re Using the Wrong Soil Mix for Aglaonema Plants

Wilting Leaves, Mushy Stems, and Stunted Growth

These are all signs and symptoms of root rot. Your soil is likely too heavy or holding too much moisture, damaging the plant’s root system.

Does Not Bloom

If your aglaonema plant refuses to bloom, its soil might not be providing enough nutrients to the plant.

The Ultimate Aglaonema Potting Mix Home Recipe

To create the perfect potting mix for a Chinese evergreen at home, mix: 1 part humus (peat) 1 part perlite or sand 1 part general purpose potting soil

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