Water Lily Flower Meaning & Symbolism (Essential Guide)

In this guide, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about Water Lily flower meaning and symbolism. Let the beauty of the Water Lily rise up along with its symbolic meaning to inspire you with its colorful and delicate petals.

Family, Genus, and Taxonomy

Rather than a single species, Water Lilies are an entire family known as Nymphaeaceae. Multiple genera within the family are popular as pond decorations, including Nymphaea.

Botanical Characteristics

Water Lilies can be quite distinct, but most share many common characteristics. First, they all grow from a rhizome that prefers to be buried in wet mud under the surface of the water.

Popular Types, Species, and Cultivars

Nymphaea species are among the most popular for backyard pond growing, and they’re also commonly cultivated as cut flowers for bouquets.

Etymological Meaning

As the Latin name suggests, it’s derived from the Greek myth of nymphs. These beautiful yet dangerous water spirits often drowned innocent people who visited the creeks or ponds they protected.

What Regions are These Flowers Native to?

Water Lilies are native to tropical and cooler regions worldwide, but they tend not to be found in extremely cold climates.

When are Water Lily Flowers in Season?

Most species are summer blooming, producing flowers from May through September.

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