Ultimate Moses in the Cradle Plant Care Guide

Moses in the Cradle grows best in warm climates, so it’s best kept as a houseplant in most areas. Give your Tradescantia the right care to see it grow and flourish with this complete guide.

About Moses in the Cradle Plants 

Moses in the Cradle requires warm temperatures of 60 to 85 degrees F and high humidity of around 70%. Allow the first two inches of soil to dry, then soak thoroughly with distilled or rainwater.

Origins and History

This plant was first described by botanists in 1788 and became popular as an outdoor and indoor plant in the 1800s.

Cultivars for Houseplants

The dwarf cultivar is the most commonly sold as an indoor plant since it’s relatively compact. The full-sized version can grow up to three feet tall in good conditions, so the dwarf variety is a better choice for most people.

Flowering Moses in the Cradle

Moses in the Cradle does bloom, but the blooms appear near the stem tucked between the leaves. You’ll need to know where to look to appreciate their beauty.

Lifespan of Tradescantia spathacea Plants

Some Moses in the Cradle plants have been recorded to live up to 25 years. In general, you can expect a decade or so of reliable growth from a plant with good care.

Moses in the Cradle Toxicity

Moses in the Cradle plants are considered toxic to humans and pets. It can cause contact dermatitis when in contact with bare skin and is highly irritating if eaten.

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