Ultimate Guide To Sweet Pea Flower Meaning, Symbolism & Uses

Here we’ll take you through everything you need to know about sweet pea flower meaning and symbolism, their history and origins, uses and benefits, and the best gifting occasions. 

In the language of flowers, the sweet pea holds the symbolic meaning of blissful pleasure.

Sweet Pea Flower Meaning and Symbolism – The Essentials

Sweet pea has a long history in gardening and floral design. Due to its easy cultivation, distinctive colors, and wonderful scent, it is likely to remain popular forevermore.

While sweet pea is not a crop pea, it is closely related. Both sweet pea and peas are in the Fabaceae family, along with beans and pulses such as lentils.

Botanical Characteristics, Colors, and Fragrances

Few flowers compare to the sweet fragrance of sweet pea. Its distinctive aroma has an almost candy-like quality, without coming off as overly strong or noxious.

Popular Sweet Pea Types, Species, and Cultivars

Sweet pea comes in a huge variety of types. These vary by hue, single or double colors, the strength of fragrance, and growing habits.

Although it is related to the edible garden pea, sweet pea is counterintuitively not a culinary delight.

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