Ultimate Guide to Rose Colors and Their Meanings

 In this guide, I’ll run through everything you need to know about each and every rose flower color, spanning classic reds and pinks, through to bright orange, yellow, lavender, green, and black roses.

Selecting a rose could be a little baffling, considering the numerous colors, types, and arrangement possibilities.

Rose Color Meaning Guide

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the color of your rose is the occasion as each color conveys a message.

White Rose Flower Meaning & Symbolism

White roses traditionally symbolize purity and innocence. They also often represent youth and humility.

Red Rose Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Red is the color of affection, passion, romance, and desire. A red rose also reflects beauty.

Yellow Rose Flower Meaning & Symbolism

In our modern times, yellow roses represent joy and warmth. They also represent friendship, care, and bonds.

Pink Rose Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Pink roses represent elegance and femininity. They’re very versatile roses and convey many meanings depending on their shade.

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