Ultimate Guide to Hibiscus Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Here we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Hibiscus Flower Meaning and Symbolism, as well as our gifting recommendations and how to make cut hibiscus flowers last as long as possible.

The Hibiscus Flower

The Hibiscus plant belongs to the Malvaceae or mallow family, which contains almost 300 species. Depending on climate and variety, hibiscus may grow as perennials or annual shrubs or trees.

Hibiscus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Hibiscus grow in a range of colors. Many are associated with specific meanings or imbued with symbolism.

White Hibiscus Flower Meaning

White hibiscus flowers are associated with purity. In some cultures, this translates into an association with women, femininity, and innocence.

Yellow Hibiscus Flower Meaning

Yellow hibiscus blossoms are often associated with fortune and good luck. Happiness and sunshine are other meanings often attributed to yellow hibiscus flowers.

Red Hibiscus Flower Meaning

As with red roses, red hibiscus flower meaning is often associated with passion. It’s often used to symbolize romance and love.

Purple Hibiscus Flower Meaning

The purple hibiscus flower meaning is linked to knowledge and wisdom. Purple blooms may also be associated with mystery.

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