Ultimate Guide to Buttercup Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Most of the plants in the large Ranunculus genus are called buttercups, so meanings can vary based on the color and shape of the bloom.

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The classic yellow Buttercups found in Europe and North America are steeped in symbolism that dates back to the medieval era.

Buttercup Flower Meaning: The Essentials

Buttercup traditionally carries the symbolic meaning of growth, youthfulness, good health, and attraction. It is also featured prominently in myths and tales of love and loss spanning the Persian Empire and Native American folklore.

Ranunculus is the genus that includes most of the flowers commonly referred to as Buttercups, as well as other plants that are known as spearworts. 

Botanical Characteristics, Colors, Fragrances

Buttercups tend to be perennial flowers that return year after year. They form a rosette shape of leaves and tend to send their flowers up on taller stems, even in creeping varieties.

Popular Buttercup Types, Species, and Cultivars

There are many types of Buttercups, including multiple species with the classic four or five-petaled cup-shaped flowers with a buttery yellow color.

Buttercups are bright, bold, and cheerful. They also send a complex message when used in a bouquet or planted in a garden.

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