Ultimate Guide to Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

A gift of bleeding hearts symbolizes passionate, romantic love. In many Asian cultures, these flowers signify a broken heart or love unrequited. 

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In the language of flowers, a bleeding heart symbolizes passionate love and romance. The pink and white blossoms may also signify unrequited love or a broken heart.

In some cultures, flowers represent compassion and the ability to speak freely about emotions. White bleeding hearts represent purity.

Family, Genus, and Taxonomy

Bleeding heart flowers belong to the Lamprocapnos genus. They’re the only species in this genus, which belongs to the Papaveraceae or poppy family.

Botanical Characteristics, Colors, Fragrances

L. spectabilis grows up to 3 feet tall. A shade-loving perennial, bleeding heart has powdery green leaves that grow in a rosette..

Bleeding heart flowers connection with passion and romantic love make them a perfect addition to wedding bouquets and arrangements.

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