Tulip Meaning, Symbolism, and Color Significance in the Language of Flowers

In this guide, I’ll run through everything you need to know about tulip flower meaning and symbolism in the language of flowers Plus, learn about their origins, popular types, color symbolism, and cultural significance around the world today.

Tulip Flower Colors and Their Meaning

Flowers let you say a lot without ever speaking a word. Although meanings have been attributed to flowers for thousands of years, the language of flowers has been well-documented since Victorian times.

Red Tulip Flower Meaning

Starting with one of the most beautiful and significant colors in the tulip world, red tulips symbolize perfect love, much like the red rose.

Orange Tulip Flower Meaning

Orange signifies joy, enthusiasm, and the longing for rays of sunshine. Since orange can also symbolize heat, it carries closer meanings in terms of love and compassion.

Yellow Tulip Flower Meaning

Years ago, yellow was said to represent jealousy, associated with the rejection of love. But in recent years, the color acquired a more hopeful representation.

White Tulip Flower Meaning

White tulips represent purity and peace. Similarly, these beautiful flowers are excellent picks for an apology bouquet.

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