The Most Popular Seasonal Flowers by Month

We’ll explore some stunning seasonal flowers in this in-depth list for every month. Many of the flowers mentioned here make spectacular cut blooms for gifting and the home. 

Now let’s get into answering this question. 

Seasonal Flowers by Month in Winter

With short days and cold temperatures, winter might seem to be a dormant period for the garden.


The focal point of December is, of course, Christmas. While our minds turn to gifting, there are plenty of festive flowers to enjoy as well.

December birthdays are well-represented as well, with three birth flowers; holly, paperwhite narcissus, and poinsettias.


Although January may be the start of the year for us, it’s still the midway point of the garden’s dormant period. But color is still there to be found for those who want a wintery New Year’s floral display.

The large, showy blooms of carnations and Christmas rose provide the centerpieces.

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