The Best Soil Mix for Peace Lily Plants (Essential Tips)

The wonderful white flowers of Peace Lily plants (Spathiphyllum) have been dazzling houseplant owners for decades.  However, they need specific types of soils to truly thrive. In this piece, we’ll deconstruct the best soil mix for Peace Lily plants at home.

The Role of Soil in Plant Growth and Health

A plant’s roots are essentially a digestive and nervous system rolled into one. Using the nutrients, oxygen, and water in the right soil, plants can distribute these resources throughout their stems.

Common Signs You’re Using the Wrong Soil Mix for Peace Lily Plants

- Brown tips on foliage - Sagging leaves (also a  symptom of underwatering –  check the feel of the soil) - Rotting roots - Yellowing Peace Lily foliage  (that you’ll need to consider  pruning)

The Fundamentals of Well-Draining Soil for Peace Lily Plants

Providing sufficient drainage in your Peace Lily’s growing medium is the best way to combat overwatering (and is especially important for recently propagated peace lilies).

What Soil pH Levels Are Best Suited for Peace Lily Plants?

Peace Lilies need soils with pH levels ranging between 5.8 and 6.5.

Soil Considerations Based on Pot Choice

Choosing the right kind of pot also helps provide the best soil for a Peace Lily plant. Different pot materials have different characteristics when it comes to moisture retention.

Soil Considerations When Repotting Peace Lily Plants

The repotting process is a great opportunity to revitalize a Peace Lily’s soil. Peace Lilies usually need to be repotted once a year, preferably in the early spring.

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