The best soil mix for Calatheas (Essential Tips)

In this guide, we’re going to cover some soil basics and information that will help you choose the best soil mix for your Calathea plants. Calathea is relatively easy to take care of once the right soil mix is used.

Why Soil Choice Matters

Soil provides a place for the plant to anchor itself via good root growth. Not all houseplants develop deep roots, so the wrong mix could leave them tilting over under their own weight.

What Are the Primary Components Used in a Potting Soil Mix?

Most potting soil mixes contain all or some of the following ingredients. -Compost, Loam, or Aged Organic Matter -Sphagnum Peat Moss -Pine Bark Fines

Common Signs You’re Using the Wrong Soil Mix for Calatheas

Calathea plants prefer a specific type of potting mix. If they’re planted in the wrong soil mix in an indoor container, they may show particular signs of illness.

The Importance of Well-Draining Potting Soil for Calatheas

Calathea needs a steady level of moisture and good drainage, which can be tricky to provide in a container.

What pH Levels in the Soil are Best Suited to Calatheas?

A balanced pH level of around 6.5 is necessary for good growth. Calatheas can grow well in soil that measures 7.0 or 6.0, but they won’t be as healthy or grow as quickly.

The Ultimate Calathea Plant Potting Mix Home Recipe

To create your own well-draining, nutrient-rich, loose, and supportive potting mix for your Calathea plants, mix: 25% aged bark – pine fines or orchid bark mix 25% coconut coir broken down into a fine fluff

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