The Best Feng Shui Plants for the Front Door

In feng shui, the way you set up and decorate your front door and entryway can affect the type of energy you invite into your home and life.  Here you’ll find 11 of the best plant types to consider placing at your front door according to feng shui best practices.

1. Areca Palm

The areca palm is an attractive, easy-to-grow outdoor or indoor plant offering lots of uses and benefits. It features broad swaths of soft, green palm fronds, and is considered a lucky plant in feng shui tradition.

2. Umbrella Plant (Schefflera)

The Schefflera (commonly called the umbrella plant) has umbrella-shaped leaves that look a little bit like hands with too many fingers. It’s this plant’s sheltering shape that lends it its protective powers in feng shui.

3. Citrus Trees

Whether you plant lime, lemon, orange, or a citrus tree that bears another type of sweet fruit, you will draw positive energy that brings wealth to your home.

4. Money Tree

The money tree symbolizes the balance between the five elements of feng shui, making it a particularly positive choice for drawing balanced energy into your home.

5. Lucky Bamboo

With its straight, skinny, upward growth pattern lucky bamboo is one of the most auspicious plants in feng shui.

6. Jade Plants

Jade plants are easy to care for, long-living, and have coin-shaped leaves that, according to feng shui principles, will attract positive energy that helps build wealth.

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