Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow (10 Common Reasons)

Orchid leaves turning yellow isn’t uncommon, but it may be a sign your plant needs a little help. Here we’ll share 10 of the most common reasons your orchid leaves are turning yellow and tips on how to remedy each.

High or Low Temperature

Orchids are even more sensitive to the ambient air temperature than most tropical house plants and flowers. Even a few hours of temperatures that are too high or too low can result in yellowing leaves.

Humidity Levels

Orchids like some humidity, but they’re also prone to growing bacteria and mold on their leaves when there’s too much moisture in the air.


Adding a little too much water to your orchid’s pot can smother the roots and cause immediate yellowing of leaves within a few hours to days.


If you’re too afraid to water your orchid when needed, you’ll notice leaves getting soft and yellowing (we generally recommend not watering orchids with ice cubes).

Seasonal Changes

Since there are dozens of common causes for an orchid to yellow, seasonal changes are hard on the plants.

Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Changes in temperature and humidity levels leave the orchid open to attack from fungus and bacteria. High temperatures and high humidity levels are particularly damaging when fungal spores are present.

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