Morning Glory Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Uses

Here we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Morning Glory flower meaning and symbolism, popular types and uses, and the best gifting occasions and care tips for fresh-cut Morning Glory. 

About Morning Glory

The Morning Glory has been grown as a decorative garden addition for centuries. Interestingly, there isn’t one specific species of flower that use this name either.

Family, Genus, and Taxonomy

With over 1,000 different species included under the general umbrella of the Morning Glory name, it’s hard to sum them all up. n general, almost any member of the Convolvulaceae family can be called a Morning Glory.

Botanical Characteristics

In general, all Morning Glories are flowering plants of some kind. Most of them are vining in some way, but a few are shrubs or freestanding flowers instead.

Popular Morning Glory Types, Species, and Cultivars

Some of the most iconic varieties are: - Blue Morning Glory (Ipomoea  Indica) - Moonflowers (Ipomoea alba) - Sweet Potatoes (Ipomoea  batatas).

Etymological Meaning

The common name of Morning Glory is linked to the blooming habits of the majority of species that share this moniker. They tend to bloom early in the morning and close by the end of the day.

What Regions are Morning Glory Native to?

Morning Glories are native to almost every part of the world, depending on the species. There’s a native form of this plant for every continent except Antarctica.

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