Mandevilla Flower Meaning, Symbolism, Types, Uses, and Growing Tips

Mandevilla flowers, commonly called rocktrumpets, are large, colorful, and ornate.  Plus, they grow on vines which means they can provide great versatility and potential for creativity to your garden designs

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About Mandevilla

Everything you need to know about Mandevilla flower meaning, symbolism, popular types, uses, and essential growing tips.

Taxonomy Mandevilla is a genus containing 177 accepted species of flowering vines that belong to the Apocynaceae (dogbane) plant family within the Apocynoideae subfamily and the Mesechiteae tribe.

Botanical Characteristics Mandevilla is a flowering vine that can grow three to 10 feet long or tall with about a three to four-foot spread at maturity.

Uses and Benefits of Mandevilla  Mandevilla vines are primarily cultivated for their ornamental benefits. Their flowers are showy, fragrant, and attractive. Plus, the climbing habits of vines add vertical interest to a garden.

How to Grow Mandevilla

Mandevilla are popularly grown as annuals. Mandevilla vines prefer full sun, but they can tolerate partial shade. In warmer climates or at the height of summer, afternoon shade can benefit a mandevilla vine by preventing its leaves from scorching.

Mandevilla vines are relatively easy to grow if they are given hospital growing conditions and vertical support to help them reach great heights.

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