Common Reasons Your Peace Lily is Drooping

Peace lily plants are prized by both beginner and experienced houseplant owners for their gorgeous green foliage, symbolic value, and host of additional benefits. In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why your peace lily plant might be drooping and how to fix it.

1) Underwatering

Peace lily plants, also known as Spathiphyllum, are natives of the tropical jungles of South America and Southeast Asia. These glossy plants are used to the humid conditions of these regions, which means that they need moist soil.

2) Overwatering

Although peace lily plants need moist soil that replicates their natural habitat, it’s possible to go too far. Overwatering is another common cause of drooping leaves in peace lily plants.

3) Wrong temperature or humidity

As jungle natives, peace lily plants need warm temperatures and medium to high humidity to thrive. If neither of these levels is correct, the plant may have drooping leaves.

4) Incorrect light levels

Peace lily plants thrive most in indirect sunlight to partial shade. Because these plants are indigenous to the jungle floor, they’re used to dappled sunlight and a fair amount of shade.

5) Inappropriate soil conditions

Peace lily plants need a well-draining soil mix that provides plenty of airflow around the roots. This soil still needs to retain enough moisture to help the plant grow.

6) The plant needs repotting

Peace lily plants may exhibit drooping leaves because they’re too crowded in their pot. Peace lilies are relatively slow-growing plants, so they shouldn’t need repotting more than once a year.

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