15 Best Types of Flowers for Congratulations Gifts

If you need to congratulate someone on a recent success or achievement, there are over a dozen types of congratulations flowers to choose from to mix and match for just the right floral statement.

Are Flowers an Appropriate Way to Say Congratulations?

When the right flowers are chosen, bouquets are almost always an appropriate way to congratulate someone.

The Best Types of Flowers to Congratulations

1) Roses

Roses are often associated solely with romantic symbolism, but this sells them short. The variety of colors available makes them far more versatile when it comes to sending a message.

2) Daffodils

The cheerful yellow color of the Daffodil isn’t the only reason it’s a flower commonly used for congratulations.

3) Peonies

Peonies are a general symbol of good luck, good fortune, and success, so it’s not surprising they’re often sent as a congratulations flower.

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