How to Water Cactus (Ultimate Guide to Cactus Care)

When it comes to watering cactus plants, there are still a few ways to get it wrong. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how to water cactus plants including the main considerations to be aware of, when to water, how to water, the best types of water to use, and remedies for over and underwatered cacti.

Your Plant’s Location: Indoor vs. Outdoor

One factor that often gets overlooked when watering any plant is its location. Plants grown indoors require slightly different watering requirements from those grown outdoors since their growing conditions vary.

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature and humidity largely contribute to a potted cactus plant’s watering needs. High temperatures make the soil dry out faster, while colder temperatures help retain soil moisture.

Light Conditions

Cacti in direct sunlight and those planted in the shade have different watering needs. When plants are in direct sunlight, the soil tends to dry quicker, thus requiring more watering.

The Seasons

Most plants, including cacti, grow actively during warmer seasons (called the growing season). They require a deep soak to remain vigorous as they grow.

Soil Mix

The soil mix also plays a crucial role in determining your cactus’s watering needs. Soil types and conditions respond differently in terms of moisture absorption and water retention.

Potting Container Size

The size of a potting container also has an influence on watering succulents. Generally, small and shallow pots tend to evaporate and drain water faster than bigger and wider ones.

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