Freesia Meaning, Symbolism, and Color Significance in the Language of Flowers

In this guide, I’ll run through everything you need to know about these beautiful blooms, including freesia flower meaning, symbolism by color, suitable gifting occasions, and their cultural significance in the language of flowers.

Freesia Flower Meaning – Key Takeaways

The freesia flower represents innocence, friendship, and thoughtfulness in the language of flowers. It symbolizes purity, trust, and thoughtful gestures that foster strong and lasting friendships.

The name “freesia” dates back more than two centuries. They’re named for Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, a German botanist who brought the plants to Europe from Cape Province, South Africa, about 200 years ago.

Red Freesia Flower Meaning

Red freesia blossoms, said to be the most fragrant, symbolize passion and love. They may be gifted to a romantic partner.

White Freesia Flower Meaning

When white freesia flowers are given, it symbolizes innocence, purity, and trust. Often, white freesia flowers are used in wedding bouquets and decorations.

When bouquets incorporate multiple colors, the freesia flower meaning symbolizes friendship. 

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