Flower Card Message Ideas for Every Occasion (Best Suggestions!)

When ordering flowers for delivery, in addition to knowing your recipient’s address and the type of arrangement you want to be delivered, you will also be asked what message you would like included with the bouquet or floral arrangement.

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Now let’s get into answering the main question. 

How Long Should a Flower Card Be?

The cards included with floral arrangements are quite small. So, the message you include with a bouquet or arrangement should be short and sweet, conveying your sentiment with just a sentence or two.

 By Using the language of flowers, if you choose the right flowers to go along with your sentiment or occasion, you can say quite a bit with your flower choice, too.

Tips and Suggestions When Composing a Note

When writing a note to go with flowers, one of the best pieces of advice is to be yourself and sound like yourself. If you don’t usually speak in flowery language and feel uncomfortable writing something fancy, then don’t.

Flower Card Ideas and Suggestions for Every Occasion Mother’s Day

Sending the moms in your life flowers on Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to brighten their days and show your love and appreciation. Including something personal in your note will make the gift feel even more heartfelt..

 Whatever message you choose to send, your recipient will surely feel appreciated and grateful for your thoughtfulness no matter the occasion.

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