Common Pothos Plant Pests (and How to Deal With Them)

Pests and diseases are often thought of as outdoor gardening issues, but they can commonly infect indoor plants.

Whether the problem was brought indoors by an open window or carried in from the nursery, you will likely deal with a pest or disease problem with your houseplants at some point.

Dealing With Common Pothos Plant Pests & Diseases –  The Essentials Common houseplant pests like spider mites, mealybug, thrips, whitefly, and fungus gnats can affect Pothos plants.

The Most Common Pothos Plant Pests and Diseases (& How to Identify Them)

Spider mites are tiny pests that commonly attack a wide range of indoor plants, including your Pothos. While they are difficult to spot on their own, the webs they leave between leaves and stems make the problem easy to identify.

Spider Mites

Mealybugs are small white insects found in warm and humid environments. These oval-shaped bugs leave a white powdery substance on the leaves and small eggs found around the leaves and stems.


Whiteflies are related to mealybugs with soft bodies and tiny wings. They also like to hide out on the undersides of leaves but will typically move or fly away when you disturb them.


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