Common Fiddle Leaf Fig Pests (and How to Deal With Them)

Unfortunately, like all houseplants, Fiddle Leaf Figs are susceptible to a few common bugs, pests, and diseases that require immediate attention to keep your plants in good health. 

Dealing With Common Fiddle Leaf Fig Pests & Diseases – The Essentials Fiddle Leaf Figs are susceptible to mealybug, aphid, spider mite, and scale infestations. Flying pests like whiteflies and fungus gnats are also common, as well as root rot and bacterial disease.

The Most Common Fiddle Leaf Fig Pests and Diseases

Common on houseplants in warm and humid environments, mealybugs are small white insects that leave traces of white powder all over your Fiddle Leaf foliage.


Rapidly spreading and hard to control, aphids are tough pests to face. While they are more common in outdoor gardens (particularly vegetable gardens), they can make their way indoors and to your Fiddle Leaf Fig.


Another soft-bodied pest, whiteflies, also feed on the plant sap of large Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves. Due to their small wings and ability to fly, they will generally jump off the plant if you shake it gently.


Identified by the characteristic webs they leave behind, spider mites attack a wide range of houseplants, including Fiddle Leaf Figs.

Spider mites

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