Common Bird’s Nest Fern Pests and Diseases (and How to Deal With Them)

You take great care of your bird’s nest fern, providing it with the right moisture, light, and soil conditions its needs to thrive. Read on to learn what you need to know about common bird’s nest fern pests and diseases.

The Most Common Bird’s Nest Fern Pests and Diseases


Scale is one of the most common pests to afflict bird’s nest ferns. These tiny insects have rigid bodies covered with a gray or tan shell.


Mites are drawn to dusty, dry conditions. Underwatered houseplants are especially susceptible to this pest.

Foliar Nematodes

Foliar nematodes are microscopic worms that infest plant foliage. Though the damage is primarily cosmetic, they can cause leaves to curl and discolor.

Shore Flies

Shore flies start their lives as eggs in moist soil; often, they’re introduced into your house when you bring plants home from the nursery.


These small oval insects swarm along foliage veins and where leaves meet stems, sucking out plant juices. They leave a waxy, powdery substance behind that can attract ants.

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