Chocolate Lily Flower Meaning, Symbolism, Uses, and Growing Tips

Chocolate lilies are fairly rare to encounter in the wild, which makes them even more special when spotted on a hillside or cultivated in a garden.In this guide, I’ll run through everything you need to know about Chocolate lily flower meaning, their uses, growing tips, and suitable gifting occasions. 

About Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria biflora)

Fritillaria biflora belongs to the Liliaceae (lily) plant family in the Lilioideae subfamily within the Lilieae tribe. It is one of 158 accepted species belonging to the Fritillaria genus.

Botanical Characteristics

The chocolate lily is an herbaceous perennial with bulbous root systems. They have bright green, strappy foliage and sturdy stalks that can grow to be nearly two feet in height at maturity.


Fritillaria biflora has a slightly complicated etymology. The common name chocolate lily refers to the chocolate-like flower color of this lily’s flowers.

Meaning and Symbolism

Chocolate lilies carry the symbolic meaning of innocence, purity, and rebirth. They also have a strong association with the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

Uses and Benefits of Chocolate Lily Flowers

Native Plant

In California and northwestern Mexico, chocolate lilies are native plants. As a result, they contribute to supporting the health of the natural ecosystem in these areas.

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