Calendula Flower Meaning and Symbolism in the Language of Flowers

Calendula flowers offer simple beauty with their daisy-shaped flower heads and a cheerful ambiance with their sunny, golden faces.

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About Calendula Calendula flowers symbolize grief, despair, and remembrance. They are also associated with endurance, longevity, prophecy, and joy.

Taxonomy Calendula is a genus of 12 accepted species of plants that belongs to the Asteraceae (aster, daisy, composite, or sunflower) plant family within the Asteroideae subfamily. Plants of the Calendula genus are commonly called marigolds or pot marigolds.

Colors and Their Meaning and Symbolism

The symbolic meaning of a calendula flower changes depending on its color.

Orange Calendula Flowering Meaning 

In flowers, orange symbolizes excitement, joy, vigor, enthusiasm, passion, and positive energy.

Yellow Calendula Flowering Meaning

Yellow flowers are also associated with joy and positive energy. In flowers, yellow also symbolizes friendship, confidence, optimism, and happiness.

Calendula flowers not only don the color of gold, but they also have a rich history of symbolic, medicinal, and cultural traditions.

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