Snake Plant Meaning and Symbolism Around The World

Whether you look at historical uses or modern symbolism, you’ll find that snake plants aren’t short on exciting and positive meanings and benefits. Read on to learn more about the meaning and symbolism of snake plants.

Snake plants are viewed as symbols of good luck, purity, and positivity. While their spiky leaves may look a bit evil, they’re thought to guard against evil spirits and bad luck.

About Calendula

All snake plants are members of the Dracaena genus. However, they were members of the Sansevieria genus until this century.

Botanical Characteristics Snake plants are characterized by stiff, upright leaves that emerge from underground rhizomes. Most snake plants are some combination of green, yellow, or white.

Symbolism of Snake Plant Colors and Flowers Since it’s rare for snake plants to bloom indoors, a snake plant flower symbolizes good luck and prosperity. If your snake plant flowers, more good things are ahead!

Snake Plants and Feng Shui When it comes to feng shui, the snake plant is a little tricky. Although these plants have a spiky shape that alludes to bad energy, they are actually good feng shui plants.

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