9 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Croton Plants

Crotons are unusual houseplants beloved for their colorful foliage in a range of interesting patterns and shapes. But that’s not all these plants have to offer. From air-purifying properties to mental health benefits, there are few reasons not to add a Croton to your houseplant collection. 

Croton is a genus of plants in the family Euphorbiaceae

About Croton Plants

Croton can grow many feet tall with densely packed leaves and a widespread in outdoors.  ndoors and in less than optimal conditions, they will only grow to a few feet tall but retain the dense foliage for a colorful display all year round.

Croton variegatum is known for its bright, colorful foliage that changes color with age, in shades of green, yellow, and fiery orange and red. 

The Benefits & Uses of Croton Plants

1) Air Purifying To get the most out of these air-purifying properties, you’ll need to pack your home with Crotons. Choose a wide variety of cultivars in different colors to fill out the space and create continual interest.

2) Feng Shui

Houseplants play a prominent role in Feng Shui. Many positively impact the energy, adding life and uplifting the space. Others negatively impact the energy, such as spiky plants like cacti and dying plants that negatively influence the flow within a room..

3) Adding Structure

Adding younger Crotons to a taller pot cover will give them the height they require to shine, but older ones typically stand out on their own when placed on the floor.

Crotons may not be the first plant you consider when starting a houseplant collection. However, with these many benefits and uses, you certainly won’t regret adding one to your home. .

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