9 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Anthurium Plants

Beautiful, glossy, and colorful, Anthurium plants are a favorite of indoor gardeners for a good reason.   Read on to learn more about the many uses and benefits of Anthurium plants.

Anthurium plants belong to the Anthurium genus, also known as flamingo lilies or tailflowers.

The Benefits of Anthurium Plants

1) Air Purifying Properties

In 1989, NASA released research that detailed the ability of several common houseplants to remove toxins from the air. A. andraeanum was among the plants studied.

2) Benefits of Anthurium Plants in Feng Shui

In the spiritual and aesthetic practice of Feng Shui, Anthurium can be used to attract positive energy.

Anthurium plants are easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance, especially when they’re provided with the optimal growing environment.

3) Low-Maintenance and Easy Care

Anthurium plants have fantastic ornamental value and add a tropical aesthetic to any space.

4) Ornamental Value

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