8 Common Reasons for Pilea peperomioides Plants Dropping Leaves

Read on to learn more about why your Pilea peperomioides plant might be dropping leaves and when you need to take steps to solve this issue.

1) Overwatering and Saturated Soil Bases

As with many houseplants, Chinese money plants do not like wet feet. When plants stand in water for too long, their roots actually suffocate.

2) Overly Dry Conditions

While overwatering is a common leaf drop culprit, underwatering can cause issues, too. Because you should only water your P. peperomioides when the top two inches of soil feel dry, it can be easy to let a plant go too long without watering.

3) Temperature & Humidity Issues

While P. peperomioides is a relatively tolerant plant, it has a preferred temperature range. An ambient temperature between 60 and 85 degrees F is ideal for the Chinese money plant.

3) Temperature Issues

Pests can also trigger leaf loss in Jade Plants, but it’s less common than many other causes. Bacterial infections that kill off the roots or entire stems can lead to widespread leaf drop.

4) Humidity Issues

P. peperomioides prefers a slightly humid environment, ideally ranging from 50 to 75 percent.

5) Sunburn or Insufficient Light Exposure

In P. peperomioides’ natural habitat, the plants receive dappled sunlight that filters through a forest canopy. When grown indoors, the plants grow best in bright, indirect light.

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