8 Common Peace Lily Plant Pests and Diseases (and How to Deal With)

Peace Lily is the common name for many houseplants from the Spathiphyllum genus. No matter what type of Peace Lily you have, these richly symbolic and beneficial plants suffer from similar pest attacks and disease risks. 

Dealing With Common Peace Lily Plant Pests & Diseases – The Essentials Peace Lily plants can be affected by root rot due to overwatering or a viral mosaic disease on the leaves. Common pests include thrips, mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites.

The Most Common Peace Lily Pests and Diseases (& How to Identify Them)

The main disease affecting Peace Lily plants is root rot. It can be caused by a number of different fungal or bacterial infections, but you don’t need to identify the specific cause to treat it.

Root Rot

This is a relatively uncommon viral infection that can spread between Peace Lily plants and other affected species. Once a plant becomes infected, new leaves may show a mottled pattern of light color over the usual dark green shade.

Mosaic Virus

Some of the smallest pests to attack Peace Lily plants are common aphids. They’re found in landscapes and gardens around the world, so it’s easy for them to get inside and settle on your houseplants.


Mealybugs are fuzzy or almost fluffy looking. They’re small insects that move around the stems and leave cotton-looking masses on them. You may find sticky deposits of honeydew, a clear substance expelled by the insects.


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